May 27, 2022

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The mayor is lying to us about her Florida trip

The mayor is lying to us about her Florida trip

The mayor of Saint-Mart సె-sur-le-Lock, Sonia Paulus, lied when contacted by the Le Journal and tried to cover up her Florida visit yesterday.

Sonia Paulus, who joined on her cell phone, made it clear that she was not in Florida.

“I don’t know who told you that […] I’m not in Florida now, ”she said.

Mayor Paul then returned to Quebec a long time ago, a few hours later by text message acknowledging that she had not yet returned.

She explained yesterday that she had taken a plane to pick up a car that had departed last winter at her condo near Fort Lauderdale.

“We wanted to bring our vehicle back [au pays]. It feels so low to me. […] It was a holiday so everything was closed. It gave us a chance, ”she said.

When asked if this action was urgent or necessary, Mrs. Paulus admitted that “if it had to be done, I would not do it again.”

Transportation companies are offering Snowbirds who choose to stay in Quebec this year to return their vehicles and personal effects from Florida to their home, ranging from $ 3,300 to $ 2,000.

Leave in the dark

None of the Saint-Martతే-sur-le-Lock municipal councilors we reached yesterday knew their mayor was still in Florida. The general management of the municipality did not call us back.

“I want to completely separate myself from this decision. […] I am telecommuting from home with my family. We don’t see anyone. Like the rest of the population, we follow the instructions, ”said Councilor Frederick Lontier.

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“When you are the head of a city, it is good to respect government directives like all citizens,” said his colleague Jean-Guy Bleu.

“For the person in power, I think we need to lead by example,” said Fran సలహాois Robillard, an independent adviser.

Against instructions

Mayor Paulus, who has vowed to “strictly adhere to the sanitary rules in her stay”, plans to return to Quebec this weekend.

She adds to a long list of politicians who have faced criticism and in some cases had to resign after traveling in the tropical sun in recent weeks.

Health officials are urging the population to stay away from all unnecessary travel. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and Quebec Franంois-Legalt both strongly advised citizens not to go abroad.

– With Andrea Valeria

Other elected officials who traveled on vacation

Pierre Arcond

  • Liberal Party of Quebec (Barbados)

Yuri Chasin

  • Coalition Avenir Quebec (Peru)

Rod Phillips

  • Ontario Finance Minister (French West Indies)

Niki Ashton

  • Manitoba MP (Greece)

Tracy Allard

  • Minister of Alberta (Hawaii)

Joe Hargrave

  • Minister of Saskatchewan (California)

Alberta MPs

  • Jeremy Nixon (Hawaii), Pat Rehn (Mexico), Tanya Fir (Las Vegas) and Ron Libert (California)

And also …

  • Trois-Pistols Mayor, Jean-Pierre Reox, Traveled to Florida.
  • According to The Novelist, Shavinigan Municipal Councilor, Martin Asseline, Went to Florida.
  • According to Granby Express, Councilor Eric Duchessnia Moved to Mexico.