July 7, 2022

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Trump: A very serious mistake that cannot be forgiven

Trump: A very serious mistake that cannot be forgiven

The forgiveness of a mistake made by Donald Trump is very serious. Republicans, too. Trump instigated the uprising. He said he would march with the rebels. “We love you,” he said.

Trump has been outraged at democratic institutions for years. He is spreading cross lies about the last election. It was too late and not enough to condemn his last-minute rebellion. But what is its permission? In some states its supporters, 121 delegates and six senators, who voted in opposition to the election results, were trapped. They signed an agreement tying their political survival to Trump.

1. How can Mike Pence impeach Trump?

With just 11 days to go before the inauguration of the new president, Democrats are demanding that Trump be given the go-ahead. Because Democratic voters want it and elected Democrats will not miss a great opportunity to humiliate Republicans. Under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Pence would have little permission to remove Trump from office. According to the amendment, if Trump challenges it, Pence will have the right to serve as president while Congress deliberately discusses the impeachment. The discussion period is three weeks, which is beyond the nomination. But will Pence go in that direction? With such impeachment, Trump could sue for insanity to avoid further prosecution.

2. Can Congress impeach Trump?

Democrats can initiate impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives, where they are in the majority. The policy would benefit from better support for Trump supporters in the Republican Party. The real battle takes place in the Senate. Trump is likely to be impeached this time around because of the outrage created by the uprising among senators.

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3. Why are Democrats so determined to impeach Trump?

In addition to sowing division in the Republican camp, Trump’s impeachment has the advantage of disqualifying Trump for the 2024 election, which he says he will run in. Having said that, Trump is in for a real imbalance. Proof of this is the letter Nancy Pelosi sent to members of Congress yesterday, half-heartedly announcing Trump’s termination of access to nuclear signals.

4. Why can elected Republicans support impeachment?

Trump has been pulling in the eyes of many Republicans. Trump not only lost the presidency, but also failed to elect two Republican senators from Georgia. Trump may go, but the Republican Party will not change. As Josie Legalt pointed out yesterday, this party is primarily in the hands of tea party emulators. The Tea Party hides a series of anti-democratic actors behind it and is happy with its breakup.

5. Who is interested in breaking American democracy?

All dictators welcomed the problems of American democracy. But most Americans do that. Fundamentalist religious movements see the weakening of democracy as an opportunity to strengthen their forces. Companies, like the Koch brothers, find it easier to change local government than a federal government that can force them to pay fair taxes. And anarchists, hypnotized with conspiracy theories La QAnon.