March 21, 2023

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Trump’s former lawyer wants to break with his legacy

Trump’s former lawyer wants to break with his legacy

Michael Cohen’s rehabilitation reached a new surreal milestone when he interviewed comedian Ben Stiller on Friday about his hypocrisy in a (New York) caricature. Live on Saturday night.

Jim Mustian
Associated Press

Since September, a former lawyer for the defeated President Donald Trump has been recording podcasts from his New York apartment, where he is serving a prison sentence for lying to Congress, evading taxes and contributing to criminal offenses. Act on the financing of election campaigns.

Performance MEA Kulpa It has been downloaded almost three million times and is available in 37 countries. He has previously spoken with Rosie O’Donnell, the magician Penn Gillette, political journalists and former politicians such as James Carville and Anthony Scaramucci.

The main theme since the beginning of the podcast is Donald Trump, of whom Cohen has become one of the most serious critics.

Mickey Cohen, who has already said he is ready to take the bullet for his former client, believes rejecting Trump’s speech is part of his rehabilitation. He wants to bring the American people into a better mood.

Joe Biden plans to continue his podcast during his tenure.

“We can not lie to ourselves that Donald Trump is disappearing,” he said. Accordingly, it continues to be a topic of discussion. ”

The podcast experiment followed the publication of Cohen’s memoirs, where he described how he became an enemy after Donald Trump had one of his side kicks.

In an interview with Ben Stiller, Mickey Cohen likens Mr. Trump’s Skoll to the face of comedian Sulky’s character Derek Zulander. For his part, he said he found a “dichotomy” of fear and killer instinct in the former lawyer.

Photo by Michael Cohen, AP

Michael Cohen and Ben Stiller while recording the podcast MEA Kulpa

“I felt like there was humanity trying to connect,” Ben Stiller explained. He said his hypocrisy was “serious and unwilling to be understood.”

Mickey Cohen, on the other hand, seems to be targeting Jugular, while at the same time exposing his own addiction.

A toxic relationship

In his podcast, he ruthlessly murmurs against the “Chief Idiot”. In a recent episode of MEA Kulpa, He complained that the presidential apology process “has become a circus of corruption as Trump is the ringmaster”.

Mickey Cohen, unable to explain his consistent allegiance to the politician who left him when he was weak, likened his allegiance to Donald Trump to mental illness, comparing his relationship with him to that of a slave.

The former lawyer is believed to have succeeded in changing the minds of supporters of the outgoing president. “My most important success,” he stressed.

“I learned that there are tens of thousands of tired and anxious people who need the channel to voice their frustration with our current political climate,” adds Mickey Cohen. If I could help them deal with their fears and feel better despite the darkness that surrounds us all, I feel like I have achieved something extraordinary. ”

The 54-year-old is due to remain in jail until November 2021, but was released in May to serve his remaining sentence at federal prisons in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The White House likened Mickey Cohen’s words to stories based on fictional characters. “It is unfortunate that the media is exploiting this sad and desperate man to attack President Trump. ”

The former lawyer does not believe that Donald Trump is listening to his podcast. “His focus duration is limited to less than three minutes and my episodes are over an hour,” he said wisely. But we can be assured. He asks others to listen MEA Kulpa And report to him. “

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