March 28, 2023

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1st turn of the season for Kabyle

1st turn of the season for Kabyle

The cable team will host the USMA at 2:30 pm today at the November 1 Stadium on behalf of Libi 1’s 7th day. It is a responsibility to win in order to be in the title race.

After recording their first home win in the league with ASAM, the JSK’s Yellows and Greens want to win their home ground against the formation of Soustara, a team that will begin to wake up after a bad start to the championship. . Today’s match is not a simple formality for the defenders of the new coach Denis Lavagne, they have to take their opponent very seriously and above all avoid the scenes of Caba and CRB. As winners at TG-Ozou, hoping to do a good operation to confirm their last big home win against NAHD. In addition, Captain Malik Raya and his teammates are aware of the obligation awaiting with a single watch word to resolve an important conflict tonight: victory.

Reducing the gap with the Satif leader

After 6E Today, many teams are already showing hope of playing for the title in the image of the ESS, which ranks first in the standings with 19 points and 10 points ahead of JSK. This afternoon’s victory against the USMA allows Zurzura’s canaries to drop to 7 points with the ESS and 2 points with the ASAM, occupying the dolphin position with 14 points. JSK remain unbeaten in five games, including two in the CAF Cup. Since the huge defeat at home against CRB, the Dujurjura Canaries have not lost a single match. They recorded consecutive wins and roadblocks against ASO and USB before registering their first home win against ASAM on December 31st. JSK hopes to continue its momentum by capturing the 6th and especially the 3rd consecutive victory in the cave of TG-Ozou on November 1st. With two performances at the start of the championship with the CABBA and CRB, Bencaira’s teammates have done nothing this season. So they want to continue their climb in the Yellow and Green Standings, which will inevitably win against the red and black this afternoon.

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Take advantage of the fever of Usmist defense

The Kabbalah attack was less effective at this meeting, given the many opportunities that Qaddur-sheriff’s colleagues would gain at each meeting. New coach Denise Lavagne worked hard on offensive ability in the final sessions he ran with the goal of moving the opposition net this afternoon. USMA’s defense in the league after 6 is badE Day. The Usmists scored 9 goals in 6 games. To win this confrontation, Bensaya ‘s comrades must take advantage of the fever of USMA defense and offer a beautiful gift to the people of Kabyle from 2971 onwards.

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