April 2, 2023

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Between the two sheets: bright and funny! [VIDÉO] | Richard Therian | Arts | The sun

Between the two sheets: bright and funny! [VIDÉO] |  Richard Therian |  Arts |  The sun

VOn these 10 half-hour broadcasts from Wednesday, January 13 at 7:30 pm, the risk of finding yourself too many times in different situations is funny but real. Like any coupleBetween the two sheets Argue on pecadillos. Not only does watching them make you laugh, it also emphasizes the irony of our many fights. It feels good sometimes to put it on your face.

Except Matthew Pepper And Foel Jean Jr.., Those who play two roommates, the rest of the duets live in pairs or at the same address, a situation where there is physical contact in front of the camera. This is clearly an epidemic, which has forced KOTV to bring real couple actors to a better compromise.

Let’s fix one thing right away: even if they kiss on the screen, Simon the Pigeon And Antoine Pylon Are straightforward in life. This product is a favorite to find two gay comedians, but not all candidates are willing to reveal their sexual identity. “We respected it and we were told we had to go towards the best comic dynamic,” explains Louis Morissette, thus choosing the pigeon-pylon duo who are roommates in real life.

When Simon (Antoine Pilan), a good young generation chef, is accused of cultural acquisition for rediscovering the shrimp tempura, do not count on his boyfriend Jean-Pascal (Simon Pigeon) for his reassurance. “The regional sushi evening, made by a white chef from Saint-Romuwald, until the age of 22, said” Chow-chi “, which could tittle some people,” JP, the press officer, told him. Politics in Quebec.

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The most irritating role was played by Lydia Virginie Ranger-Bureguard, She shares the screen with her boyfriend Peer-looking funk. Wealthy girl who went to college, sexology student, nymphomaniac around the edges and sometimes a little more severe. Her boyfriend Antoine is more of a rug next to it. I like Luke and Mary-Ow (Franకోois Papino And Benedict Decor), A young retiree and his girlfriend, still do not hesitate to go with him permanently. An interesting clash of generations between two lovers; Luke keeps Mary-Ov on the edge of his bed with her nice, expensive coffee.