May 19, 2022

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Droin shatters confidence – TVA Sports

Droin shatters confidence - TVA Sports

By enjoying the productive playoffs, Jonathan Drouin revived the hopes of fans who wanted to see him as one of the main engines of the Canadians, when Mark Bergevin replaced the good Mikhail Sergachev.

In the Toronto Bubble, the 25-year-old striker scored seven points in 10 games, including six assists. With two days to go into the season, is this the performance you expect from him?

Watch Jonathan Drouin’s press briefing in the video above.

“If he’s not been injured last year, we’ll see Jonathan Droyne that everyone wants to see. If I can trust him at the beginning of the season he knows, this is the question we can ask,” Claude Julian said in his daily virtual press briefing.

The Canadian coach points out 15 points in 18 games, collecting his protege before suffering a wrist injury on November 15 in Washington. An injury that required surgery and kept him out of the game for almost three months.

“Injury is something you can’t control. When I came back (February 8), we made a lot of progress this season. I was late. Drouin said it was very difficult to adapt. I have to have the same start to last year’s season, to be on the puck constantly, to move my feet. When I do, good. “

Drowne, who flew in with his playoff outfit, became impatient as he waited for the announcement of the resumption of operations.

Of course, a training camp does not guarantee anything. However, since Droin and his teammates are back in Brosard‌, we can say that he is hungry. He shows a lot of intensity. During simulation matches, we notice his creativity.

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“We love our camp. He was fine from day one, Julian noticed. We hope he stays healthy and performs for us as he did in the playoffs. “

Law Dimension Anderson

These few weeks spent in Queen City have also allowed Nick to develop relationships with Suzuki. The two athletes have continued to prosper since camp began.

On their side, two skaters now rely on extra property: Josh Anderson, a right winger imposing because he is fast.

“We are now becoming a three-player unit. It’s not just Nick and I anymore. Andy brings a physical dimension, but he can play hockey. He is very fast, ”said Droin.

The latter allows Anderson to take advantage of the arrival of Suzuki and additional options in the attack on him.

“He can carry the puck, defend it and play with it in the corners. We do not always have to try to get into the opponent’s zone occupied by the puck. If we get stuck at the blue line, we can send it deeper towards us. With its speed and size, it can go and get it back and start playing. ”