July 7, 2022

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Fabien Laure talks about the return of Morpheus Morin

Fabien Laure talks about the return of Morpheus Morin

Producer a few days ago Charles LaFortune Justified the return Moripier Morin In the second season of Wrong, Scheduled for the end of 2021 at Club Illico.

«At some point, you have to act like a good father, Explained Charles LaFortune In his time Tower. There is a right to be rehabilitated, because I do not know what it says about our humanity if we are not rehabilitated!»

Kareen Paradise

Guest at the microphone of Sophie Durocher This Friday, By Fabien Larou Also talked about the topic of a lot of ink for many months. The screenwriter and producer agreed that she would not hesitate to make an appointment soon Moripier Morin:

«The time will come when there will be redemption and atonement for sin. We are not firing it on the wand. Maripier is an amazing, talented, beautiful, intelligent girl. It also brings jealousy, envy and wickedness, She was confident.

According to By Fabien Larou, You need to know how to forgive the mistakes she made from the host Apologized and went for professional help.

«Moripier understood the message, and she was gone […], But today that girl is no longer working? Let’s see! In what world do we live? Apology does not exist?, Adds Fabianne.

Friday evening, on set Two golden men, Rosalie Bonenfont He also gave his opinion on the subject:

«I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know if I’m ready … I was a little early for redemption. […] It’s not a question of time … I’m wondering: can we really change in six months? […] I don’t like to sound vague. I was very skeptical. Where is the definitive evidence of introspection [de Maripier Morin sur ses actes]? Just because you did bad does not mean you are a bad person. On the other hand, I think notoriety is something to be earned!»

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The Rift

The The shooting of the second season of Wrong Indicates the first engagement for the actress since allegations of harassment and assault were exposed Safia Nolin About him six months ago.

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