May 27, 2022

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Logistics | Koteu-du-Lock attracts Amazon and Canadian tires

Logistics |  Koteu-du-Lock attracts Amazon and Canadian tires

One of the major industrial parks in the Montreal area is opening year. Our sources say that Broccoli is building a state-of-the-art distribution center for Amazon. That’s not all. Canadian Tire will expand its giant warehouse. Investments are estimated at $ 200 million.

Andre DubakAndre Dubak

At the Alta Private Industrial Park in Cotou-du-Locke, near Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, developer Broccoli is building a half-million-square-foot distribution center on the Rio Leon-Malouine (the “E” building on the map), with a Canadian tire distribution center in Rue DuPont. Rocksboro continued as general contractor.

“There is a lot of interest in the Kotau-du-Lock area,” assured Roger Plamondon, president of Broccoli Real Estate Group. The development of the park is the result of a collaboration between its owners, the Economic Promotion Organization Development Vadroil-Solanges (DEV) and the City of Cotou-du-Lock.

Andre Brosso, the city mayor of more than 7,000 residents 60 kilometers from Montreal, said: “Things are going well with us. The two projects are estimated to have an investment of $ 200 million. ”

She estimates that revenues from these two projects could reach $ 1.5 million a year, or 10% of the city budget.

There is no risk of counting the number of jobs created by the elect. The park currently employs 1000 people. Workers live in Koteu-du-Lock and the area. “It’s good for us, it’s good for the area,” she said. He builds 100 homes a year in his city.

Amazon is working very hard

The customer of Broccoli’s new warehouse is, according to multiple sources, e-commerce giant Amazon. Always very discreet, they, like Mr. Plamondon and the mayor of Cotou-du-Lock, refused to verify the identity of the future resident.

Image provided by Broccoli

This development plan for the Koteu-du-Lock Industrial Park shows the Canadian tire distribution center (in yellow), which will be expanded. The building, which houses the Amazon distribution center, is marked in dark yellow with the letter “E”. Buildings in salmon pink and dark pink are study or upcoming projects respectively.

Amazon, who was physically absent from Quebec before 2019, has since taken on extra work for 24 months. Kotau-du-Lock will be its sixth installation in the Montreal area. At least three are working: 3000, Rue Louis-A. Amos (180,000 feet2) In Lachine, 5555 Ernest-Carmire (240,000 ch.2) At Laval and 5799, Route de L Airport (200,000 feet2) In St.-Hubert. A warehouse at 1100-1200 is under construction, with a layout of Rs.2). 3399, Rue Francis-Hughes (120,000 ch.2), Below.

According to our information, Amazon is preparing an official public announcement on its investment plans in Quebec in the coming weeks.

The Alta Park covers a total area of ​​38 million square feet, of which 15 million is yet to be developed, enough to make any self-respecting industrial commissioner dream come true.

The park is owned by Alta Industrial de Pierre Lotreley. Broccoli became co-owner in 2018. After nearly 10 years of legal battle, Alta Industrial has successfully cleared land from the agricultural zone for the 2nd phase of its private park. Fifteen companies are in the first phase, including Canadian tire distribution supercentre operator Cat Transport, Pival, CRI Environment and FedEx Supply Chain (formerly Genco).

Expansion at Canadian Tire

Also, the retailer at the red triangle was verified Tap 322,000 square feet in addition.2 At the mega center, which already has 1.5 million. Jocelyn Dosange, Canadian tire communications manager, said work would begin this spring and end in 2022. The first pallets will arrive in early 2023. Launched in 2009, the center currently serves the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic. The construction contract has not yet been awarded. Broccoli has built an existing distribution center.

Moving forward is about access to another file park. Currently, its customers must take Exit 17 from the A20, forcing most trucks to turn left on Route 201, and then turn left a kilometer back into the Rue DuPont. The goal that has been pursued over the years is to develop a new interchange at the height of Exit 14. “We are in the process of conducting a feasibility study with Transport Quebec, Alta, DEV and Broccoli. Completed in 2021. We look forward to a strong commitment from the regional government following this study, ”said Mayor Brosso.

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