May 28, 2023

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Very few pick-ups on Saturday

Very few pick-ups on Saturday

Although the Legalt government has the power to continue selling unwanted items, very few businesses have followed suit on Saturday, even if it happens outside the collection of products.

At Place Saint-Foy on the Quebec City side, a dozen parking spaces were vacated for this purpose, but none of them were in use within an hour. Newspaper Introduced himself.

Laurier ditto in Quebec, some reserved places here do not find the taker, like parking almost everywhere.

However, the situation is not unique to Quebec. In the Montreal area, with the exception of grocery stores and hardware stores, Promenades Saint-Bruno and Carrefour Angrignon looked quite simply desert.

The same business

In fact, the only business that has benefited from this permit is Best Buy, in the metropolis and in Old Capital.

In Quebec, the franchise at Galleries de la Capital is the only store that offers it throughout the entire shopping center.

“People place their order on the internet, they pay and when they get to the parking lot, they text us and we take the product into the trunk of the car by checking the buyer’s identity card through their closed window,” explains the founding director, David Rancourt.

But there were no crowds to use the service on Saturday. In half an hour when there are delegates Journal Attended, half a dozen people showed up.

The beginning of shame

“It simply came to our notice then [ce service] The lockdown begins on Monday as it is due to end on January 11th. So we hope there will be more people at that time, ”Mr Ramcourt said.

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Despite everything, few customers who have used the drive-through service to purchase goods say they are very satisfied with the concept.

“This is the first time we’ve tried this buying method, and it’s going very well,” Daniel Ezra said.

“I came to buy a computer screen for teleworking and pandemic responsibilities! It is very efficient compared to delivery, which sometimes takes several days to arrive. There, it’s instantaneous, ”he continues.

– With Dominic Scalley