March 30, 2023

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Big Brother Celebrities: Let’s give every runner a chance

Big Brother Celebrities: Let's give every runner a chance

Big Brother Celebrity Novo did not experience the expected thunderstorm on Sunday.

Before we explain why our last hour curfew is so well deserved, let’s talk about competitors. We already know that Genevieve Bourne, Claude Begin, Drag Queen Rita Baga (alias Jean-Franకోois Guerremont) and influencer Lisandre Nadeau are part of this adventure. Jean-Pascal’s presence was also announced, but in the end, the boxer withdrew due to “an undeniable professional opportunity”, explained Mary-Maui, who piloted the show. .

Other candidates include Mary-Chantal Taupin, Maxim Laundry, actors Emmanuel Agar and Camille Felton, hosts Warda Etienne and Lawrence Barrele, Kevin deDoubling the profession, Boxer Kim Clavell, comedians Jean-Thomas Jabin and Richardson Zafir and founder Franయిois Lambert.

Interesting ability

These 15 people entered the 28,000-square-foot home with 73 cameras. They will be filmed around the clock for the next 13 weeks … they will avoid Sunday eliminations.

The winner will receive a grand prize of $ 100,000, including a Cadillac and $ 50,000 in cash, half of which will be donated to the desired foundation.

The first consideration of distribution: the probability of sparks seems interesting, especially when we turn our attention to the Mary-Chantal Toupin. Not only was she former Franois Lambert, she described herself as a “born bitch”. Her speech attempt to name the place “Boss” indicated a raw side / lack of varnish / i-dont care that could pay off on screen.

“I’m going to be a good leader for you,” she said with an unbelievable crowd.

Lack of intensity

Big Brother Celebrity Will it be our guilt pleasure in winter? After experiencing the ordeal of the wall, nothing less.

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When Maxim Laundry was said to be the most serious affair he had ever experienced in his life, we wanted to say the same, but alas, as a spectator, people try to stand up while receiving water in the face for 30 minutes we can not call it “good entertainment” because Mary-Maui promised at the beginning of the show.

Despite everything, we will be there on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6.30pm.