May 29, 2022

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Chantal Thank you for your donations

Chantal commence son traitement ce mardi.

She still couldn’t believe it Solidarity worked, Thank you. Chantal, a 64-year-old housekeeper from La Rochelle, Treatment begins this Tuesday Against his lung cancer. She launched Kitty on the internet last December. And France Blue La Rochelle expressed its pain. Chantal is not allowed To be on sick leave or to receive daily allowances. She did not work enough: she helped out with two-and-a-half days of home help, paid in service employment vouchers, and allowed her to reach 105 hours of work in a quarter. This will take about 150 hours, Which is the rule, to stop looking after oneself and get allowances to live.

I can not believe it … Thank you!

“I am not optimistic by nature, I can not believe it This. I can’t get back from people’s donations and shares. “ Sixty-year-old has a trembling voice with excitement. “Thank you” Does she breathe? “Thank you, I am starting my treatment.” Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chantal is receiving treatment, of course, with a little more peace of mind. It will stop until the beginning of May.

Raised over 3000 euros in a fortnight on the internet. This is not a question of financial aid for covered care, but Enough to pay his rent, his credits and anything to eat.

In France, studies show that 28% of CPAM beneficiaries seek treatment, primarily for financial reasons.

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