May 22, 2022

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Employment Insurance: Died before winning the case

Employment Insurance: Died before winning the case

Another young woman from Quebec City lost her fight against cancer when she fell ill and could not get an improvement in employment insurance from Ottawa.

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Angeline Renaud Tetralt died on November 22, 2020 at the age of 31, after Trudeau called for changes from the government. His funeral was celebrated on December 13.

The young woman, who is suffering from osteoporosis, wanted to be treated with dignity since the 15-week employment insurance benefits expired when she fell ill.

Her partner, Daniel Deschens, was not successful. Justin Trudeau promised changes, but patients like Angeline did not have time to wait. His stay at Maison Mitchell-Sarrazin lasted only a few hours.

A fight

“It happened so quickly. I looked after her at home. It’s like going to the bathroom like the Olympics. She’s tired. Her head is not ready to go, but her body is so tired. Now, I’m living day in and day out,” Mr. Deschens explained.

Despite her treatments, Angeline continued for months to urge the Trudeau government to increase employment insurance from 15 weeks to one year as soon as the illness occurred. Last October, most doctors did nothing for her.

“I have a real pandemic cancer. I don’t want her to die without anything. I want to end the fight for her. It takes 52 weeks to get a job, but it takes 15 weeks to get sick. I still want to show the flaws in the system. We are not alone in this situation, ”said Daniel Deschens.

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Too late

A few days ago, on November 5, another 31 – year – old woman lost her fight with the disease.

Emily Sansfan, a mother of two, met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to change the law.

“Unfortunately, you disappointed us,” she said in a video released before she died.

Black Cubacois received the unanimous consent of the congregation in Ottawa to express their condolences to the family.

In 2019, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals did nothing despite promising to extend the plan to 15 to 26 weeks.