September 25, 2023

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GNL Quebec resigns as senior project manager

Une carte indiquant l'emplacement projetée de l'usine Énergie Saguenay.

His departure in recent days has included those holding strategic positions in the cultivation office, including communications manager and members of the public relations team.

Denise Reward played a key role for GNL Quebec. He has been working there since March 2019. In the first part of the trial BAPE Held in September 2020, He presented a portion of the project presentation to the curators and participants. He was accompanied by his senior management colleagues.

Our project engineer, Denise Reward, certainly has this connection between the expertise found in the area and the world-class project development. […] We are proud to be able to count the engineer of his caliber who chose to return home to achieve what he considered to be the most important professional challenge of his career., Whether it is possible to read in the submitted summary BAPE GNL Quebec employees last October.

Denise Reward’s departure comes a few months later President, Pat Fior, Quit his job to become a general consultant. GNL Quebec Vice President Tony Le Werger is now in charge of the organization as interim president. He has a dual function because the two positions are merged.

Shortly after announcing the withdrawal of the Pat Fior in November, at Gajoduk, part of GNL Quebec’s Energy Cultivation Project for the construction of an underground pipeline 780 km from Ontario He also lost his number one. The president, Louis Bergeron, was also an adviser to Gazodok.

Several observers, including Eric Erik Pinalt, who is strongly opposed to the project to build a natural gas liquefaction plant in La Bai, have established a direct link between the departures of GNL Quebec and senior executives from Gazodok. The financial weakness of the company.

Personal choices

When asked about the recent departures of management employees on Friday, Stephanie Fortin, Director of Communications and Community Relations at GNL Quebec, said the GNL Quebec team was intact, along with two members of her team who chose to leave for personal reasons.

However, on Monday, the spokesman confirmed to Radio-Canada that Denis Reward was no longer part of the GNL Quebec team, a testament to his personal profile on the LinkedIn network. Stephanie Fortin GNL did not establish a link between Quebec’s financial situation and recent departures.

GNL is a major supporter of Quebec, the American conglomerate of Berkshire Hathaway, Withdrew from the project Last year, in the wake of the rail crisis in the country.

We are in a long-term development phase, sometimes people can make some decisions that are not publicly commented on because they are personal decisions, but these are definitely the locations where they will definitely go when we are going to build the complex. But to build the complex, it takes permits. For now, we are waiting at this stage, Commented Stephanie Fortin.

Dividing project

Most of the shareholders who spoke during the second part of the BAPE hearings in October spoke out against the $ 9 billion nergie Saguenay project. However, representatives of the financial community, promotion cultivation, the city of cultivation, many elected officials and organizations connected to the business world reiterated the desire to see unergie Saguenay as a reality.

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Last week, BAPE announces extension of its order Due to public participation. The final document will therefore be submitted to Environment Minister Benoit Charette by March 10, two months later as planned.

In collaboration with Michelle Goudralt