May 17, 2022

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LAURENCE: The delay given to the port will shock rivals

LAURENCE: The delay given to the port will shock rivals

The delay in obtaining the Port of Quebec from Ottawa in the Laurentia case has shocked many rivals, including the Quebec Solidair.

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Ruba Ghazal, a spokeswoman for Quebec Solidarity in terms of transportation and the environment, protested: “We want the agency to make the final decision on the information, but at some point the ball game will go on for a long time.

The member for QS responded on the indefinite stay granted by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada. The agency has suspended the deadline for the environment minister to take a decision on the Port of Quebec expansion project. It is due to be returned by February 17, but before the agency submits its final report, the port requested that the agency delay in giving new answers to the questions. The preliminary version severely criticized the project.


For QS, this is an unnecessary advantage given to the port. “Obtaining authority from the Quebec Port Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (AÉIC) to extend the deadline for the environmental study, which has been ongoing since 2015, is unfair and unacceptable,” he said. Submitted by M.To me Ghazal, by press release. For her, the port is trying to “cover up the truth”. This contradicts the promoter’s contradictory attitude. “Two months ago, the Port, City and CAQ asked the federal government to take a premature decision, alleging that the process was being delayed. However, now that the tide has turned, the port is urging the federal government to postpone the final verdict.”

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Environment Council

In addition, the Mizoram District Council also opposes the port’s request, describing it as “based on abusive and questionable arguments”.

A letter was sent to the agency asking the promoter to refuse the extra time. “We are reminded of the strong opposition of the Mizrets Neighborhood Council to the Laurentia project and we are once again crying out from the heart … our neighbors and its residents deserve better than what we would like to impose on it again!”

Since 2015, the port is fully aware of air quality issues, Board Chairman Josephine Honald appealed in her letter. According to her, there is enough time to meet with the citizens of the port on this matter. On the contrary, according to the President, he “condemned” the problem and showed “a lack of sensitivity to the needs expressed by society”.

“We feel that the request submitted by the promoter is unfounded and that the sole purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage in the process is to harm the affected community.”

The agency should specify the grant deadline in the coming weeks.

Requested by the Estates General

The councilor of the sector, Jean Rousseau, nominated the State General on his part on coexistence between the cities of Port and Quebec. He recently sent the idea to Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, along with Federal Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, Quebec Mayor, Regis Labyum and Port CEO Mario Girard.

Its goal is to improve communication between the port and communities that have been “broken” over the years due to episodes of pollution.

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“The Laurencia project will not be approved in its current form. The Port, Quebec City and Quebec governments and the federal government must now agree to set up a major forum for the future of the Quebec port, the community around it and the various actors involved in development projects,” Jean Rousseau wrote.