November 27, 2022

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Matthew Perrault was shocked to see the situation

Matthew Perrault was shocked to see the situation

Famous Taxi Squad Game changer for leaders and players. The Matthew Perrault case, Monday afternoon saw him drop his name.

In an interview with Dave Morissette Live Show, Winnipeg admitted to being in jets shock. See the section in the video above.

“I heard this news when I was going to the arena this morning. I’m a little surprised. I do not know the Jets salary situation.”

With a salary of 12 4.125 million this season, Perrault knows that his contract will keep him in a sensitive position.

But will he be in Winnipeg in the Reserve Squad or will he be sued by another arrangement?

“I am divided. I am in Winnipeg with my family and my kids go to school here. But in another sense, it’s a contract year for me, and I can start my career again, ”explained a Drummondville local.

Jets in the playoffs?

The Canadian division has promised relief from this season. As Pierre Dorian said in an interview with GIC on Monday, Most teams in the division are looking forward to the Stanley Cup.

Only four teams make the playoffs, but Perrault can see his own distance too far.

“We probably have the best goalie in the league (Connor Hellebuke) and we’ll added a lot of veterans. Our first two lines can compete with anyone.”

In the first two lines, Jets may rely on Patrick Line, but his current situation causes a lot of ink to flow.

“This is a situation that arises between the player’s agent and the company,” Perrault concludes, adding that he keeps the relationship between the line and his teammates intact.

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