May 20, 2022

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Mike Pompey has accused Iran of being al Qaeda’s new base

Mike Pompey has accused Iran of being al Qaeda's new base

(Washington) US diplomat Mike Pompey on Tuesday accused Iran of being “the new base” of al-Qaeda, the jihadist network “worse” than Afghanistan during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

France Media Agency

In a speech in Washington eight days before the end of President Donald Trump’s term, al-Qaeda’s number two Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah and Alia Mohammed were officially confirmed dead on the streets. Al-Masri. The New York Times It was reported in November that he had been shot dead by Israeli agents during a secret mission sponsored by the United States.

Photo provided by the FBI, via Agency France-Press

This dated photo released by the FBI on November 13, 2020 shows Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah.

The Secretary of State did not discuss the circumstances of the death or confirm the involvement of Israel and the Americans. He used the recent incident to support allegations of his links between Shia Iran and Sunni Islamist nebulae founded by Oyama bin Laden, often contested or downplayed by a number of experts.

“Al-Qaeda has a new base: this is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he told the National Press Club.

The result is that bin Laden’s evil creation is ready to strengthen itself and increase its actions. If we ignore this Iran / Al Qaeda axis, it is in our danger. We must recognize it. We have to face it. We must defeat him.

Secretary of State Mike Pompey

Mike Pompeo, who has led a “maximum pressure” policy on Tehran since Donald Trump pulled out of the United States in 2018 from an international agreement aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, said. In parallel to the discussions of this text, in 2015 this alliance was actually forged.

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At the time, Iran was determined to allow al-Qaeda to set up a new operational headquarters, promising to “discover” new information for the public “in accordance with Iranian law.

The foreign minister announced sanctions against leaders of the “Iran-based” jihadist network, including Mohammed Abbate, alias Abderrahman al-Maghrebi and Sultan Yusuf Hassan al-Arif. A reward of up to seven million dollars for recognizing or recognizing al-Maghrebi.

Iran returns allegations against Pompeo

In response to allegations made by his American counterpart Mike Pompey that Iran is a “new base” for al Qaeda, the Iranian foreign minister on Tuesday dismissed the United States from relations with the United States. Especially Saudi Arabia.

“No one is deceived. All terrorists [11-Septembre] Comes from favorite destinations [de M. Pompeo] In the Middle East; There is no one from Iran, ”wrote Mohammad Jawad Zarif. Most of the perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were of Saudi origin.

“From the status of Cuba” (as a state that supports terrorism “, Mr. Pompeo announced the day before” for the allegations about al-Qaeda (against Iran), “Mr. V-liar-fraud-Wollons ended his deadly career with more combat-sounding lies,” he said. Zarif wrote.

Mr Zarif referred to comments made by Mr Pompey in 2019 about his experience at the head of the Central American Intelligence Agency (CII) in 2017 and 2018. “We lied, we cheated, we stole,” the secretary of state declared.