December 9, 2023

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Rapper killer Mike has launched a bank for African Americans

Killer MIke (Photo DR)

Faced injustices experienced by members of the African-American community in USA, An activist decided to take action. He Killer Mike (From his real name Michael Render), A well-known rapper and activist in society for his positions and activities for the empowerment of blacks. He announced a few hours ago CNN His desire was to start a bank reserved exclusively for African Americans: Greenwood.

The bank, which is fully digital, aims to support black entrepreneurs and help them succeed in their projects. Killer Mike has repeatedly condemned the plight of black entrepreneurs in the business world. Due to the limited access to credit and financial assistance from banks, many blacks have to defend themselves, where many other categories have easy access to finance. “I want the working class to understand that this is a platform దు do not break you… It is a platform for a young man trying to get a piece of an American dream... a black bank, or platform like Greenwood, means that a black man must go for his haircut every week. If I have a client who comes four times a month, it’s not just four cuts at cut 25, it’s four more sales opportunities whether it’s a brush, scarf or hair butter.The rapper told CNN.

Fun project

As the artist explains, Greenwood is a bank designed for black society and black society “For young families, for young people who want their share in the American dream”. The bank name was not randomly selected. Greenwood actually indicates Tusla Business District where the racist assassination of wealthy black industrialists took place (read here), Almost 100 years ago. Launched in October, the site already has over 400,000 registration requests.

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