May 21, 2022

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First death in China in eight months

First death in China in eight months

The Kovid-19 pandemic has killed at least 1,963,557 people worldwide, with the WHO office in China reporting the outbreak in late December 2019, a report set up by Agency France said on Wednesday.

More than 91.5 million people have been infected to stop this resurgence of the pandemic that is currently sweeping the entire planet, and the uprising is intensifying – with container shots, curfews and other unpopular sanctions. The United States is the most affected country in both deaths (approximately 381,000) and cases (approximately 23 million). With an average of three deaths per minute, the country set a new daily death record on Tuesday (4,470).

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  • In China, the first death in eight months

China has registered the first death since Kovid-19 in its territory in eight months, health officials in the country fighting the recurrence of the epidemic announced Thursday. The death occurred in Hebei province, the National Health Commission said. Many cities in the province have been brought under control following the recent appearance of pollution.

The last official death from the pandemic occurred in May 2020 in mainland China. On Thursday, Chinese health officials also reported 138 new infections. This is the highest daily toll since last March.

  • The “Mega Center” for vaccinations begins in Disneyland, California

The people of California are waiting in the parking lot at Disneyland Amusement Park in Anaheim on January 13 for their vaccinations.

“Mega Center” The vaccination program began Wednesday in a parking lot at the famous Disneyland Amusement Park in Anaheim, which was closed for ten months by California authorities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Several hundred people, medical workers and Orange County residents aged 65 or older showed up in the afternoon to receive the first injection of the Kovid-19 vaccine in large tents. White.

  • New activities in Mozambique

Mozambique has announced that it is tightening health restrictions as the number of Kovid-19 cases in South Africa rises. When tourism was already severely damaged in detention imposed since March, President Philippe announced the closure of New Zealand beaches. Restaurants are now required to close from 8pm on weekdays and from 3pm on weekends. Stores are usually only open between 8am and 6pm.

  • The African Union received 270 million vaccines

The African Union has received 270 million anti-Kovid vaccines for the continent, with many countries having no means of immunizing their populations, South Africa announced in a statement on Wednesday evening. Who holds the rotating presidency of the AU. The vaccines will be available for at least 50 million between April and June, with laboratories producing in India supplying Pfizer-BioMtech, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

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