November 27, 2022

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Bible Podcast of Priest # 1 in the United States

Bible Podcast of Priest # 1 in the United States

New York | The podcast of “Bible in a Year” by an American Catholic priest has topped the downloads in the United States for several days and now has 4.3 million downloads in two weeks, much to everyone’s surprise.

Mike Schmidt, a 40-year-old Hollywood actor, is best known for his videos, which have 471,000 members on the YouTube channel “Ascension Presents”, the voice of “Bible in a Year”.

The 365-episode podcast, last uploaded on December 31, is a revised full Bible reading. The story revolves around 14 books, which gives more narrative coherence.

Other books (Bible 73 in this Catholic version) were included during the reading.

A spokesman for Ascension, a Catholic publishing and educational material company, topped the “Bible in a Year” podcast downloads 48 hours after it went live on January 1st.

“It meets a requirement,” Lauren Joyce said of the show, which currently hits the heavyweight pawn of American podcasts such as The New York Times’ “The Daily” or “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

Father Schmidt, chaplain of the University of Minnesota on the Duluth campus, came up with the idea for a povicast last spring, in the middle of the first wave of Kovid-19.

For Lauren Joyce, the success of “The Bible in a Year” can be explained by the epidemic and sometimes the limited reception capacity of places of worship.

Many elderly people, in particular, “can’t go to church because of the virus,” she said.

According to Lauren Joyce, organizing a podcast around 14 books provides a more accessible point for those interested in the Bible, but so far it has been “threatened” by both the Old and New Testaments.

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Although not new, religious podcasts have so far only marked a niche in this rapidly evolving universe.