May 19, 2022

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“I” | The mother of the carpenter girls is shocked about the work of the police

"I" |  The mother of the carpenter girls is shocked about the work of the police

Six months after the deaths of Nora and Romy Carpentier in tragic circumstances, the mother of two daughters wonders about police work in the first hours after they disappear. Amelie Lemieux asked her lawyer Maxim Roy to share the “JE” program.

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Last summer, this terrible tragedy shook Quebec. Two young women in Saint-Apollinaire were murdered by their father in the woods. Martin Carpentier took his own life, answering many questions about his motivations, which led him to these irreversible actions.

“I trust SQ,” the lawyer explained. They have the skill and expertise to make conclusions from this event. It was not Sereto du Quebec who killed the two girls. This is Martin Carpentier. So I do not understand why SQ is not more transparent in saying that it worked, it did not work. ”

On the evening of July 8, Martin Carpentier traveled with his car on Highway 20 in Saint-Apollinaire, near Quebec. He has his daughters Nora and Romney on board. When his vehicle stopped, he left the scene with his children.

Founded by Cerret du Quebec, the father walked nearly two kilometers into the jungle where he killed his daughters. He walked three miles on bare feet to reach the property where his life was taken.

In the hours following Swerve, firefighters from Saint-Apollinaire, paramedics and police immediately searched near Martin Carpentier’s car. But at that time, there was no big deployment in the forest.

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Police asked Amelie Lemieux if her ex-spouse indicated danger to her children. She told them that in his opinion he could not be dangerous to Romy and Nora.

So there were inspections at hospitals with taxi companies and Martin Carpentier relatives.

“Given the facts, they (Carpentier and his children) are safe, and I do not understand how Serette du Quebec can work in a scene where they are nowhere else,” said Nora and Romy’s mother.

“We cannot tell the authorities that Amelie Lemieux, who does not know Mr. Carpentier as a dangerous person, is responsible for telling the authorities the truth,” Roy added.

In an interview with the “JE” program, the lawyer asks the question: “Isn’t it the goal of the authorities to prevent garbage and ntic control?” I mean, there was a wrecked car in the middle of Highway 20 where there must have been a father and his two daughters. Two or three disturbing scenes can be easily found. Isn’t it SQ’s role to make sure it’s not the worst that has just happened? ”

“Here, it is clear that this brings up the question. Does Sorrento du Quebec have an emergency response unit for such incidents? Is there a difference in such a unit? This is difficult with Mrs. Lemieux. The question she brings to her grave. Is there a difference in interfering faster? ”The lawyer concluded.

“Did we do everything we could to save these children?” In an interview with the “JE” program, the director of the Association of Families of Assassinated and Missing Persons (AFPAD) asks.

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“You have to question yourself to learn the lessons,” Nancy Roy said. Experts have told us that the first hours are crucial in cases of disappearance. The same story is repeated every time. Think of the young Koukou, Cadrica Provence, Melissa Blaise. It is the intervention of special police officers that is rapid and we will not learn. ”

The AFPAD has been asking for years for a squad of experts from various police forces to be ordered to intervene immediately after the disappearance in Quebec.

Sorrento du Quebec likes to wait for the “JE” program to air before it announces its reaction to the Carpentier affair.