July 6, 2022

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Kovid: T-Joe Connaught Festival

Kovid: T-Joe Connaught Festival

Everyone has their opinion on the best way to have an epidemic.


I, you, literally, uncle.

And the pimple nephew who firmly believes that LCN is a den of reptiles, because LCN stands for The Crocodile of the North.

Known T-Joe Festival

In the long run, this hubbub will become cacophonous.

We do not know which way to turn.

For every study that says black, there is a study called white.

There is always someone somewhere (Claude Villeneuve calls them “Jerry Rochans of the pandemic, known to everyone except hockey figures) who say:” Yes, but in Botswana. .. Yes, but in Kyrgyzstan … Yes, but in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines … “

Not forgetting South Sudan. No curfew in South Sudan! No control in South Sudan!

You can ride your camel whenever you want in South Sudan!

I had no idea there were so many specialists in epidemiology in Quebec. This is insanity!

You kick the trash can, and ten are coming out …

With maps filled with arches in hands.

Good Dr. Welby

I do not know about you, but for me, my brain is closed.

Like Mysonnev-Rosmont Hospital.

So I decided to set up an advanced sorting protocol.

I only listen to one group: health workers. Those in the field.

Others, I pull the trigger.

Among my neighbors who sell meadows and Dr. Marquis, I choose Dr. Marquis.

Yes, I’m crazy too. I know what he’s talking about Dr. Marquis. If he says the health care system is breaking down, I imagine he should not be interested in himself with his neighbors. Or there should be votes.

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Also, the more I see him, the more he is surrounded. It hurts me. He doesn’t have to open his mouth anymore, you just make him look into his eyes and you know if the situation is getting better.

“Oh my God, Sophie, have you seen Dr. Marquis?” Take a bottle of gin, I think I need it … “

Dr. Marquis is there, but there are others: Dr. Weiss, Dr. Simon, Dr. Sheppard …

I feel like I know them. They are my new best friends. I had my first coffee with them, and my last Night cap.

If they do not come let me in.

The real deal

My lighthouses to tell you all this, now, working in this field.

They see the damage caused by the virus. Damage caused by our releases.

If I use them as lighthouses, guides, we can not go wrong.

The virus, for them, is not an abstraction. This is the reality. They rub his shoulders with him. Day after day.

Who do you think knows hockey best?

The guy who charges your card is the one who makes mini Stanley cups with Swiss rap wrappers or Guy Laughlor?