May 27, 2022

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Six died at two nursing homes at a LeBron hospital, and the vaccination campaign was postponed

Les soignants sont appelés à se mobiliser ce jeudi devant l'hôpital Robert-Boulin de Libourne

At the Liborn Hospital Center, The second wave is stronger than the first. Two of the three nursing homes Hospital dependence is affected by the Kovid-19 virus: one on the Garderos site and one on the Saint-Denis-de-Pile. Out of a total of 225 residents, 61 tested positive Or are considered carriers of the virus. In this second scenario there are people living in protected units like Alzheimer’s patients, where it is very difficult to respect the barrier signals. Six residents were killed And 28 caregivers were also infected.

This is not a priori contamination by the British variant of Kovid-19, but the Liborn hospital center is careful. At the establishment of Saint-Foie-la-Grande, which was suddenly infected with the virus in late December, medical service was closed and All positive tests were returned to the laboratory, To confirm that it is the original strain of the new coronavirus.

Vaccination stopped

With this sudden number of contaminants, Two nursing homes in the LeBron Hospital Center could not participate in the vaccination campaign, Which opened in Gironde on Wednesday, January 6th. Because the rules of vaccination are clear: Injections cannot be made for less than three months after contamination with Kovid-19. In the third eHpad, operated by CH, Victor-Scholcher began vaccinating. Sixty of the 110 residents have already been vaccinated.

The health condition at Liborn Hospital services is also deteriorating. 52 people were hospitalized due to Kovid-19, including seven in intensive care. The number peaked on Monday, January 11, and has not reached the number of patients admitted to the hospital since Sept. 1.

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