June 7, 2023

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The court cleared the 100 million class action lawsuit against Quebec

Logo bleu de TVA sur le toit d'un immeuble.

The court authorized a class action brought by Bell Tale customers who alleged that Quebec had reduced the signal of three TVA sports channels during the playoffs of the National Hockey League (LNH) in 2019.

The request was filed on April 18 of the same year., Or actually a week later.

At the time, Quebecore was demanding better royalties from Bell for its exclusive channels. Against this backdrop TVA Sports, TVA Sports 2, TVA Sports 3 signal was reduced to 48 hours, from Wednesday 10th April 2019 to Friday 12th April 2019.

An order from Judge Claude Champagne, Of the Superior Court, finally forced Quebec to restore the signal to the 400,000 Bell TV customers who paid to receive the signal of the sports channels.

Calex Legal has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Catherine Valiquette, a resident of Saint-Mart మార్-sur-le-Lock, north of Montreal. The plaintiff is demanding $ 250 for the affected subscriber, for a total of $ 100 million.

To reduce the risk to Bell TV customers and persuade the court to dismiss the class action request, Quebec argued that Montreal Canadians in particular did not even participate in the NHL playoffs that year.

The removal of the Canadian has not yet been provided for in the Quebec Civil Code as a way to cool or reduce liabilities, Judge Sylvain Lucier responded with a touch of humor in his decision given on Wednesday.

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