May 18, 2022

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Trumpism and the Conservatives

Trumpism and the Conservatives

As we all know, there is a lot of trumpism in Canada. It is mainly concentrated in the West and in the Conservative Party.

Is this a problem for his new boss Erin O Tool?

Apparently. But the events of the past few days in the United States also have a chance. I’ll be back to that.

The hardest balance

The balance is delicate for Mr. O Tool. Much of his voter base is that he is fascinated by the ideas that Donald Trump conveys, on the contrary, he stops many Canadians.

According to polls, more than 40% of Conservative voters prefer Donald Trump to Joe Biden. By comparison, in Quebec, this ratio drops to just 10% and across Canada it is 16%.

According to another poll released last fall, 41% of conservative voters believe the US presidential election results should be challenged.

This data is not new, but it gives a better understanding of how the Conservative Party has embarrassed itself since the devastation on Capitol Hill last week. Destruction by supporters of the president under his leadership.

The bad news

Within a few days, the Conservatives had to deal with bad news, which undermined the efforts of most centrist Canadians to attract critical people.

The message, taken from the party’s website last year, indicated that Justin Trudeau was going to “rig” the upcoming election in his favor.

Does this speech remind you of anything?

There was also this photo of Manitoba MP Candice Bergen, whose Make America Great Again cap was ripped off her head, making it look back.

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The snapshot was taken many years ago and the hat did not belong to her, she justified herself. Mrs. Bergen played a very important role in the Conservative Caucus, the Deputy Leader.

Rebel News

And then this week, Mr. O’Toole embarrassed himself for an email interview he gave to Rebel News, his office right-hand outlet.

The news caused a great stir in English Canada. It is very difficult to understand why Mr. O’Toole’s representatives are fit to answer questions from Rebel News, which the party has been mourning since 2017.

At the time, former leader Andrew Scheer decided to cut ties with the extreme right-wing media, which was not favorable after a sympathetic broadcast of a neo-Nazi protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A few hours after the controversial interview was published, the Conservative Party chose to leave the moderate media again. But the damage was done.

Part of the solution

Its leader, still unknown, plays at many tables. He calls himself “progressive”, but often adopts a popular voice and flirts with conspiracy theories.

Some Conservatives are also wondering what their leader really believes.

Beyond political calculations, Mr. O’Toole must note the chaos of living south of the border and the dangers it poses to our democracy, like all of us.

Mr O’Toole admitted to kicking the Capital, but still wonders what brand he lives for.

Will he dare to be part of a solution to reduce tension, even if it displeases some of his voters?