July 5, 2022

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A forgettable match for Lafrenier and the Rangers

A forgettable match for Lafrenier and the Rangers

Alexis Lafrenier wants to forget the baptism of the National Hockey League on Thursday evening.

Matthias BrunettMatthias Brunett

But he’s not to blame for the 4-0 Rangers ’loss at the hands of their greatest rivals, the New York Islanders.

> Summary of the meeting

Chaotic, clumsy, the Rangers dominated badly, and this fall Lafrenier, the NHL’s first total pick, did not get the job done in a situation where he could hone his talent.

“I was very scared at the beginning of the game, but then I’m more comfortable,” Kubecker admitted after the game. It was a tough first game, but we will improve and bounce back on Saturday. Islanders are not easy rivals. They are always well placed on the ice and they do not give us space. You have to fight for every inch of territory. “

Quebecker played the game in the third row with Philip Chittle (21), who is still in modest production at the 2017 first round pick, with 23 points each of his first two seasons.

Coach David Quinn did not change his lines despite the poor performance of his men, except in some cases replacing his right wingers.

Lafrenier‌ had a place in the second wave in the power play, but in two of the three cases under such circumstances, the first unit retreated to the bench with a few tens of seconds to end the opponent’s penalty.

Otherwise, the Rangers would have spent almost a quarter of the game shorthand, and Lafrenier would not be used in such situations.

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Finally, Lafrenier scored 15:27 in 17 appearances. Only Artemis Panarin, Pavel Buchnevich and Mika Zibanezad have played more numerical ties than him.

“He played with confidence,” coach David Quinn said after the game. He was not intimidated by the scale of the incident. He improved as the match progressed. Difficult when you are lagging behind. ”

Overall second pick in 2019, Capo Kakko has a very cute name, but he is very discreet. He played for just 11 minutes. Kappo scored 23 points in 66 games last year.

One game does not make a career and there are plenty of other concerns in New York. In his first meeting after the departure of Henrik Lundquist, Igor Schechterkin, 25, had a difficult evening. He allowed two quick goals early in the game and the Rangers didn’t get over it.

The defense was terrible. Jack Johnson, in Pittsburgh last year, played almost 21 minutes before his contract was rescinded, 6 of which were shorthand, high for the team. When relying on a player with such high risk for defensive missions, the chances of success are slim.

In short, the Rangers played in the playoffs this summer. The Carolina Hurricanes they lost in three games and scored just four goals.

“We’m not ready to play the right way,” the Rangers coach added. We repeated the mistakes we made in the bubble [en séries], Cheating. There are no shortcuts in hockey. We didn’t skate and we didn’t make fair game choices. ”

Expect difficult evenings in New York this winter. Reconstruction was not completed. Eight players on their list on Wednesday were 23 and under, and another six were 25 and under. It is clearly the youngest club in the NHL.

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For the record, the last total Aston Matthews scored in his first NHL game in 2016. He has four