July 3, 2022

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Gilbert Rosen and Eric Solville acquitted: No appeal, DPCP announces

Gilbert Rosen and Eric Solville acquitted: No appeal, DPCP announces

Both Gilbert Rosen and Eric Salville need not worry about justice, as the Crown has announced today that it will not appeal their acquittal.

“After a rigorous analysis of the decision in the Gilbert Rosen case, the DPCP has stated that it does not intend to appeal,” said a spokesman for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), Ms.E Audrey Roy-Cloutier.

In the case of Eric Solville, the prosecutor, after a “comprehensive analysis” of the verdict, declared that he had no grip on the Crown.

“This judgment is based on an assessment of the credibility of the witnesses and we declare our decision not to appeal as there is no error in the law,” she said.

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Rosen, 66, fled after her trial on December 15, where plaintiff Anik Charrett allegedly raped her while she was asleep, one evening later in Laurentians, 1980.

In her judgment, Judge Melanie Hebert cited M’s testimonyTo me Charlotte was credible, insisting that the complainant had stated his version “honestly, honestly, impartially and in an exaggerated manner.” Part of Rozon, somewhat unbelievable. However, she raised reasonable doubt that the former comedy mogul had been acquitted.


Three days later, plaintiff Donald Dugway was acquitted of the alleged sexual acts by Eric Salville, which took place in 1993 in Radio-Canada, where two people worked.

In this case, Judge Alexander Dalmou considered the plaintiff “exaggerated” by presenting his version to the court.

“All the factors analyzed allow the plaintiff to take serious liberty with the truth and to adduce parts of his testimony as well,” the judge said, acquitting Solville on charges of aggression, sexual harassment, and forcible detention.

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Not surprising

To actress Patricia Tulasne, who condemned Rozon, but did not justify anyone’s complaint to the police, the decision not to appeal the case came as a surprise.

“For me, it ended last month, I was expecting nothing more,” she commented Journal.

Despite everything, she believes that despite Rosen’s accusations in civil affairs and in civil affairs that he was a sexual predator in the collective action of the Les Courageous ensemble, all was in vain.

“This has led to reflection and we hope the law develops for more appropriate justice for the victims,” ​​she concluded.