May 27, 2022

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Quebec challenges Montreal appointment: Where is the error, Mr. Legalt?

Quebec challenges Montreal appointment: Where is the error, Mr. Legalt?

Will the Quebec premiere and his entourage have trouble accepting the difference of opinion? However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s new government in Montreal.

Legalt government Qualifies as “error” Bochra Manas selection due to past positions against the law on state secularism. He does not agree that a person representing the National Council of Canadian Muslims who dared to challenge Bill 21 in court could occupy this position.

“Om appointmentTo me Manas’ past positions and his personal crusade against the law on secularism are questionable, ”the prime minister’s office said in a statement to the media on Thursday. “For us, it was a mistake in the city of Montreal.”

But how does her opposition to Bill 21 disqualify her from the post? See her CV: doctorate in urban studies, two master’s degrees, one of interrelated relations, and great experience in this field, especially as director of an organization fighting against social exclusion in Montreal-North.

Its mandate is related to racism, such as the SPVM’s racial profiling and diversity in municipal public service, which we are not talking about religious symbols here.

What is the Quebec government getting? Mayor Valerie Plante was also democratically elected and had all the coordinates to make her own choices when appointed. I do not see why he is lecturing on this file. Furthermore, was his choice really surprising? In April 2019, the Montreal City Council passed a resolution condemning the Legalt government bill on state secularism, with total rare consensus.

Bill 21 was passed democratically and whether we like it or not, it applies and Montreal will comply with it. It is time for the Prime Minister to turn the page.

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