May 28, 2022

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Romanov is ready to face McDavid and Drocytes

Romanov is ready to face McDavid and Drocytes

The Canadians returned to training in Edmonton today for tomorrow’s game against the Oilers.

Team coach Claude Julian has made no changes to his attacking lines and defenseman pair since Wednesday’s game with Maple Leafs.

CH will face the Oilers from 7pm on Saturday. This second game of the Hobbs season will be broadcast live on TVA Sports.

Here are some quotes from various press conferences given after the training.

Philip Donald

About the Oilers: “It’s a big dangerous machine, almost a two-headed monster.”

“We know they have a lot of speed and we can face this team in a group.”

Young Alexander Romanov “Good addition to the team, very important to us”.

In training this morning he helped some young colleagues to work on their face offs: “I took them under my wing (…) I gave them my belongings”.

Alexander Romanov

His favorite defender in his youth: “I don’t know, Eric Carlson or Drew Doty!”

“I’m excited, but a little scared. I was amazed at what the NHL looks like in real life. But it went well.”

Face McDavid and Droysight: “It was a very good challenge at the start of the season. I am so glad to deal with them. “

“I was very comfortable playing. Every time I was on the ice, I felt great. ”

“I talked to my parents. They made me so proud. They told me it was a good game and a good start for me. ”

“It could be a little faster than the KHL and the World Junior Championship. The intelligence in the game is even higher.”

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“The first show, I went so fast because I had no idea where it was (…) However, with each presence it got a little better.”

Claude Julian

“Whether they are apart or together (McDavid and Droysight) it’s up to the guys on the ice to know where they are.

“In the case of Romanov, we told him, ‘We have confidence in your skills, play the game (…) and we will make the necessary adjustments.’

“It really takes smart players to play these guys (McDavid and Droysight) and spoil them for places on the ice.”

“We face three of the best power plays in the league in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. (…) We really have to be our best tomorrow because Edmonton is the best power play.”

“We are the youngsters at the center and this will be one of our challenges this year, winning as many interviews as possible. Donald continues to be good on that side, Suzuki is not so bad … you have to look at the other team as well. ”

Romanov said he was “very confident” and “ready to learn.”

Jake Evans, who replaced Donald in the middle of line 4 at the end of the game against the Leafs, was unpunished and uninjured: “I put Donald (Paul) with Byron and (Arthuri) Lehkonen on the line of experience against Matthews and Morner. ”