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WWE SmackDown January 15, 2021 Results

WWE SmackDown January 15, 2021 Results

WWE SmackDown January 15 Recap

WWE SmackDown St. Petersburg, Thunder Dome

Narrated by Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

– Tonight WWE SmackDown, the Blue Show opens with a video of what happened between Roman rule and Adam Pierce last week. Roman rule and Paul Heyman are behind the scenes. Reins reads his Royal Rumble contract, and Heyman says they gave him the contract 2 minutes before the show started. This is the same deal that exists at every PPV. He hates the deal. A provision is required for the Royal Rumble, which leaves Reins to be himself. He must teach Adam Pierce fear and respect. Heman takes the contract and leaves.

Jay Uso made his entry and welcomed SmackDown. They are running this show, which is not Adam Pierce, not Kevin Owens, not the WWE Universe. His family is responsible. If Adam Pierce thinks we’re happy with SmackDown, let him think again. For what he has, he should say “Thanks Roman.” Bringing people back to see him and putting him back in the ring for the first time in years, he should thank the Roman regime. Jay Uso announces he will take part in the Royal Rumble match. If he wins, he goes to RAW and defeats Drew McIntyre, Goldberg or any champion. Before the rumble, he was dealing with Shinsuke Nakamura. Everyone is talking about the Gauntlet match, which was called against a lot of opponents. Nakamura defeated Mysterio, Corbin and Bryan. When they told him Nakamoura was done, he was out. If Nakamura thinks he is strong, come to him. After he crosses his family, he exits the Thunder Dome in an ambulance.

Shinsuke Nakamura walks in, but if his cousin is the Big Dog, it’s his little dirty, kicking him.

Singles match

Jay Uso vs Shinsuke Nakamura

During the match, Cజzaro made his entrance and sat at the commentary table. Announced to have participated in the Royal Rumble Match.

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At the end of the match, Jay Uso tries to roll up using the ropes. The referee sees it and continues the match. Nakamura surprises Jay Uso with Kinshasa for winning by pinfall.

Gagnant: Shinsuke Nakamura

– After the match, Cicero celebrates with Shinsuke Nakamura.

– Behind the scenes, Adam Pierce with Sonia Deville. Paul Heyman arrives with a revised contract and Pierce says he got a lifetime chance. Not only did he participate in the main event of the Royal Rumble, but there was also a chance that was never given to him. He has a chance at the Universal title, in addition this provision is in his favor. It will match without disqualifications. Adam Pierce says he will sign.

– Behind the scenes, Jay Uso gets angry at the referee (Charles Robinson), who says his feet are on the ropes, so he can’t pin. Uso Robison threatens the job and tells him to do his job.

– Behind the scenes, Kyla Braxton is with the street profits to revisit the loss of the tag team titles. “We won the titles on March 2, 2020, and were champions for 312 days,” Ford said. Not accepting the challenge of the current champions put an end to the legacy they are trying to establish. Rudd and Ziegler may be champions now, but the street profits will be theirs again.

– Behind the scenes, Roman Reynolds talks to Apollo Cruz. Paul Heyman is back with a contract. Reins tells Cruise to stay and learn. Reins said he would not sign that contract because he did not want a disqualification match, but a last man standing match. Heyman said he would not accept the Adam Pierce Last Man Standing match. Reynolds says the deal will be put in the ring tonight.

– Billy Kay goes to the commentary table for the first time with the Riot Squad.

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Singles match

Natalya (with Tamina) vs Liv Morgan (with Ruby Riot and Billy Kay)

By the end of the match, Tamina scares Billy Kane into the ring to flee. Liv Morgan is shocked, Natalya takes the opportunity to wrap her up for success.

Winner: Natalya

– Dominic Mysterio is on the commentary table for the next game.

Singles match

Ray Mysterio vs King Corbin

At the end of the match, Dominic Mysterio climbed on the apron. King Corbin pushes Ray Mysterio over his son and gives him his End of Days for Pinfall victory.

Gognant: King Corbin

– Behind the scenes, Paul Heyman crossed paths with Adam Pierce behind the scenes and explained the situation to him with Roman rule. Pierce asks who will benefit. Heyman said that he was not among the spoilers, that he should take his time and sign in the ring against the Roman rule.

– Bailey is in the ring and asks Bianca to welcome Belarus. Bailey walks through the door and tells Bailey to sit him down. Bailey Bianca talks about Belair’s WWE Network documentary, the clip of which shows Bailey Bianca pinning Belair. Bailey apologizes and asks why her name is WWE’s EST. Belir replied that this was the case for everything she did before coming to WWE. Bailey asks if this is an insult to the women who opened the way for him.

Bailey asks if she has become better by beating Bianca Beiler. Belir said they may have a remake. Bailey said she had nothing to prove. She has an idea, they can do an obstacle course next week. Belair accepted the challenge.

– Behind the scenes, Daniel Bryan with Otis and Chad Gable. Bryan said the Alfra Academy at the Royal Rumble will help him. Shinsuke asked Nakamura what effect his loss would have. Bryan replied that Nakamura was a former Royal Rumble winner, shaking his hand after the match.

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Singles match

Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro

At the end of the match, Cesaro made an overcut and neutralized Daniel Bryan for the pinball victory.

Winner: Cesaro

– Behind the scenes, Kyla Braxton with Carmella. The latter said she told Sasha the truth about the banks. When it comes to natural talent, she doesn’t touch it. Where are the banks? She hides from him … Sasha Banks comes and says that Carmella can match him if Banks matches with Reginald first.

– Big E is on the ring side for the next game.

Singles match

Apollo Cruise vs Sami Jayan

At the end of the match, Apollo Cruz wraps up Sami Zion for the win.

Gognant: Apollo Cruise

– Next week, Apollo Cruise will face Big Ito for the Intercontinental title. We will have an obstacle course between Bailey and Bianca Belir.

– Roman rule, first introduced by Paul Heyman and Jay Uso. Adam Pierce then comes to an agreement, then sits in a chair. Jay Uso pulls him out of the chair. Reins tells Pierce to sign the contract. Pierce signs the agreement, then the regime. Pierce said he waited all night for Reynolds to sign. The rule was not understood, Pierce Limps on stage. Pierce said he had an old injury and it was coming back. The WWE agreement still says the same thing: the card is subject to change. As a WWE official he was entitled because he thought he was medically clear, so he was going to be replaced. Kevin Owens came and signed the contract. The show ends like this.

Photo credit: WWE