May 24, 2022

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Autouis: Ontarians take advantage of the Quebec winter

Autouis: Ontarians take advantage of the Quebec winter

Hundreds of Ontario residents crossed the Ottawa River on Saturday to take advantage of the amazing winter conditions on Quebec soil, to the chagrin of elected officials and citizens of the area.

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Gatino Park, Camp Fortune Ski Resort and Chelsea Village were occupied by visitors from the neighboring province on Saturday afternoon. The QMI agency on campus estimates that one of the approximately two panels in these locations was recorded in Ontario, not counting the colors … Suscutchewan!

The mayor of Chelsea and MRC des Collins-de-Eltois, the prefect of Caril Green, condemned the movements of these spectators in his field, especially since the Ontario government asked its citizens this week not to leave their home, except as necessary. They come to Quebec because they cannot find the public spaces found in Quebec, especially for snow shoeing or cross country skiing.

“I don’t take these outings out of pleasure, but I have to defend it against community broadcasting before it comes under our population control,” M told us.To me Green.

Disrespectful emails

Carl Green received several emails from fellow citizens complaining about the situation. However, other messages do not have the same content, especially those from Ontario.

“Some people are very angry with me. The tone is sometimes disrespectful, ”she agreed.

“It’s a lack of respect and sensitivity,” the Chelsea resident said, preferring to keep his name silent for fear of retaliation. “It represents a potential danger of outbreak. It is pure and simple selfishness,” said the local Antarian himself.

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Deaf ears

Representatives of the MRC des Collins-de-Eltois approached the National Capital Commission (CCN), the Federal Crown Corporation, which manages Gatino Park, but only published the NCC recommendations. On its website, without placing concrete actions.

Towards the Camp Fortune ski resort, it looks more like a sticky situation, caught between a tree and a bark.

“We do not encourage inter-regional travel, but because we are allowed to be open, we must serve our customers wherever they come from, while at the same time ensuring that we respect the sanitation measures in place,” said Erin Boucher, its deputy director general.