May 19, 2022

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Biden to announce bill to grant citizenship to unregistered immigrants

Biden to announce bill to grant citizenship to unregistered immigrants

(San Diego) The decision by President-elect Joe Biden to immediately ask Congress to grant legal status to 11 million people in the country has come as a surprise to many, an issue that has long divided Democrats and Republicans. Of their own parties.

Elliott Spaghetti
Associated Press

Four people explained about his plans that Joe Biden would announce the bill on his first day to pave the way for citizenship for the millions of immigrants living in America illegally.

The president-designate has campaigned for citizenship for about 11 million people living illegally in the United States, but it is unclear how fast he will deal with the coronavirus epidemic, the economy and others. Preferences. Defendants of unregistered immigrants remember that presidential candidate Barack Obama promised an immigration bill before his victory in 2009, but he did not address the issue until his second term.

Joe Biden’s plan contradicts Donald Trump’s plan, which was successful in the 2016 presidential election campaign to reduce or stop illegal immigration.

“It simply came to our notice then […] It recognizes that all unregistered immigrants currently in the United States should be kept on the citizenship path, ”said Marilena Hinkopy, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, which explained the bill. .

If successful, the law would be the biggest step in granting status to the country’s illegitimate people since President Ronald Reagan granted a debt waiver to nearly 3 million people in 1986. Legislative efforts failed in 2007 and 2013 to revise immigration policy.

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Ron Klein, Joe Biden’s new chief of staff, said on Saturday that the new president would send the immigration bill to Congress on his first day. He did not elaborate further and Joe Biden’s office declined to give details.

Esther Oliverria, deputy director of immigration at the White House’s Home Policy Council, explained in recent days to undocumented immigrant defenders on the main avenues of the bill.

Former President of the League of Latin American Citizens Domingo Garcia on Thursday suggested that the consideration of the Donald Trump impeachment bill in the Senate could be delayed and that they should not rely on it. Receiving it within the first 100 days.

“I was surprised that he was going to act so quickly because we had the same promises from Barack Obama, who was elected in 2008, and he completely failed,” Domingo Garcia said.

Ali Noorani, chairman of the National Forum on Immigration and one of the commentators on Thursday evening, said it would put immigrants on the eight-year path to citizenship. Participants in the Deferred Action Program for the Arrivals for Children (Dhaka) will have a fast lane to protect people from being deported if they come to the country as children. Those with temporary protection status (TPS) also have a faster route because they come from conflict-torn countries.

Vice President-designate Kamala Harris made similar comments in an interview with Univision aired on Tuesday, saying DACA and TPS recipients “automatically receive green cards”, while others are on the path to eight-year citizenship.

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