March 25, 2023

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Enjoy nature regularly to deal with work-related stress

Enjoy nature regularly to deal with work-related stress

Walking in the woods or in green areas once a week can improve your ability to cope with stress at work, a study by Japanese researchers has revealed.

An observation to be taken into account at a time when many countries of the world are working to revitalize their urban areas and urban green spaces are more consensual than ever before.

Nature is officially associated with a “sense of coherence”

The Green spaces Will they once again be the focal point for the world’s largest cities? This is a question that is asked when many studies show their beneficial effects on the mental and physical health of residents.. The global pandemic is a reminder of how necessary it is to limit stress, anxiety and depression during times of social pandemic.

A new study by researchers at Tsukuba University in Japan now demonstrates the benefits of nature (as forest urban green spaces) Work-related stress.

To come to this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the scores Sense of stability“(SOC) It employs more than 6,000 Japanese workers between the ages of 20 and 60 A person’s mental abilities to perceive and manage stress And understanding life events, being able to face them, and understanding that they have meaning. If previous studies have already shown that marital status and higher education can strengthen SOC, this is the first time nature has been associated with it.

A good start to the walk in the countryside once a week …

Published in the newspaper Public Health in Practice, These studies show that people who regularly walk in the forest or green areas (at least once a week) have a stronger SOC, which indicates greater resistance to stress.

While these results should not be taken lightly, stress at work is now recognized as a major public health problem.

This work is also possibleDevelop more urban green spaces in cities Where forests are not easily accessible.

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Our study suggests that walking in the woods or green space at least once a week can help people have a strong SOC. Walking in forests or green spaces is a common activity that does not require special equipment or training. It could be one A very good habit to improve mental health and manage stressProfessor Shinichiro Sahara, lead author of the study, explains.