July 4, 2022

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Loss of smell can last up to 6 months

L'odorat peut mettre 6 mois à revenir.

Odor loss is a worrying symptom of Kovid-19, which can last for more than 6 months. Solutions are created to deal with this and speed up the recovery process.

People infected with Kovid-19 can experience many symptoms. Of the well-known ones, we are particularly concerned with odor loss or anosmia. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, 5% of patients do not regain this feeling even after six months of being infected.

Odor: A feeling strongly influenced by Kovid-19

Study Today we are talking about 2,581 patients from March 2019 in 18 European hospitals. In this panel, 1,916 patients lost their sense of smell after the Kovid-19 virus contraction. The results observed by the researchers were as follows: 85.9% of those with anosmia were mild. Between 5 and 7% of patients have moderate or severe forms of odor loss.

1363 people completed all estimates for this study. 328 of them did not recover their olfactory faculties after 60 days or 15.3% from the first symptoms. After 6 months, 4.7% of people did not recover their odor objectively. To conclude their study, the researchers said that “after 2 months of follow-up, 75% to 85% of patients regained their sense of smell according to subjective and objective olfactory evaluations.”

Solutions to regain your sense of smell

Many actors who have experienced this worrying feature are looking for solutions to help Anosmix‌. For example, we can cite a solution created by the association anosmie.org. The company launched The web application is available at this address Allows to speed up olfactory recovery. The principle used is olfactory rehabilitation. To begin this process, it is necessary to obtain four essential oils (directly on site or at the pharmacy): clove, eucalyptus, lemon and geranium rose. After obtaining these products, inhalation training will be available in the app to gradually recover the odor.

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