January 27, 2023

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Number of Montreal Canadians2

Number of Montreal Canadians2

Most of the time in the shadows, a woman stood in an important position alongside the Montreal Canadians.

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Margaret Belanger of France is the Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Affairs at Montreal Training. In a generous interview with Jean-Charles Lazoi on Friday, she described her journey and the directions she was to achieve.

If she officially decides to join the team in 2013, her history with the Canadians will go back a long way.

“In 2001, when I bought Stickman Elliott, a young lawyer, and George Gillette Canadians, we made deals. From that moment on, I have always been associated with the team since I was the client I represent. Finally, in 2009, George sold the Canadians to the Geoff Molson Group. I had more experience then and I, along with the Stickman team, managed this sale. ”

So from this moment on, Margaret Belanger of France began to develop relations with the President of the Canadians. He was able to convince her to join his team full time the next few years.

“We met when I was leading the sales level negotiations in 2009. I was acting for the seller and he was represented by lawyers because he was buying. The process went on for many months, so we had the opportunity to talk to each other and get to know each other. Many years later, I wanted to see if I could join the team. At this point, after the sale was over and George Gillette was no longer our client, I went to Geoff Molson to ask him to trust us at Stickman Elliott.We knew about all the files related to the team and Geoff agreed to hand over some tasks to me.I decided to take the leap. And I never looked back. “

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Regarding the fact that she has earned her place as a woman in an environment where men are over-occupied, the Matane local thanked her employer who is sensitive to the issue. The person involved in the Executive Council for inclusion in the NHL noted good publicity from Gary Betman and other employers.

“Male or female, I can tell you that everyone wants to win. I never made a case with it. This is not something I think. I come to the office and take care of my business. Someone takes the door open. At this point, the credit goes to Geoff. I’m not alone. Many women hold important positions in the organization. We are not there because we are a man or a woman, we are there because we can do that. At the NHL level, there is a real motivation to get things done. ”