April 2, 2023

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ESS 0 – MCA 1: Dean captures Black Eagle

ESS 0 - MCA 1: Dean captures Black Eagle

In the match between the captain and his runner-up, the MCA went back to victory. Mouloudia, who believed very strongly in his abilities and gave Lamara the advantage that allowed his team to win. The ESS, destabilized by the Mouloudin game and the feverish attack, missed scoring opportunities.

There was a big meeting between the leader and his dolphin yesterday. Success is only good for the MCA, which has made this trip with the intention of widening the gap in the Setifians or locking up the Black Eagle after a semi-failure against MCO at home. His lands. The game starts on both sides. Each party wants to take its entry claws out. No time to reflect, both teams fall straight to the heart of the matter. The high-pressure MCA seeks to destabilize the opponent. But without risking the camp of the Black Eagle who tried to build attacks, but the share is more important than the game. Also, the first quarter of an hour saw not only a clear move for Del Gaum but also to keep Post Boutaga from opening the scoring. Negiz asked his players to go back to the rescue when everyone lost the ball. The MCA with the ball plays in 4-3-3, but as soon as he loses the ball, he goes back to 3-5-2. The game did not help the ESS who thought it was too difficult to play. With a large number of players in the middle, Setifians could not find solutions. And the need to calculate personal success. Amora was able to make it at the half-hour mark for Botaga’s beautiful intervention. The last quarter of the hour did not see much. With two players entering the locker room with zero scores everywhere, two minutes of extra time came with nothing. With the lemon break, both teams return to the field for a second period, which everyone thought would be better than the first, because the first round was a draw across the board. The second half saw a revival on both sides. Some low chances, but we felt the players were released and the pressure was gone. Also, everyone is waiting for the opening scoring, but who is going to do it? MCA by Lamara, well served by Belkhir, which gives his team an advantage. The locals try to come back and play for everything, but the Greens and Reds close the gaps to give the Black Eagles a chance. The last ten minutes before the end of the match ESS does not seem to be pushing to equalize and she seems to have crushed her feet. The MCA could also add a second goal if Jabou did not miss his shot. 4 minutes added, Negiz ends when Maroni is added to defend the goal scored. The Black Eagle lands on its land. The MCA ends the series of beautiful series of Certifiers and sends a clear message to ESS that it is a serious contender for the title.

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  1. With.

Stade du 8-May-1945, Satif

TPractical ground, cool weather, with the help of Mr. Gorbal’s mediation MM. Etchiali and Gerhouni.


Lamara 75 ‘


ESS: Debbie 57 ‘

MCA: Added 70 ‘




(Degmore 12 ‘)








(Area 84 ‘)


(Tour 76 ‘)


Entry. : El Cowkey.










(Maroni 90 ‘+ 1)



Abdel Hafid

(Jabou 87 ‘)

Entry. : Negiz.