April 2, 2023

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Grand Palace offers the final dance

Grand Palace offers the final dance

Before it closed for work, Grand Palace Paris gave its nave to the dancers Boris Charmatz had brought together for a round time.

This Saturday, January 16, as Paris waits for the first snowflakes, a duet of dancers crosses the almost empty Grand Palace. Marilyn Saldana, who appeared in Christoph Honor’s play “Les Idols” in the context of techno decibels, started Pass de Dukes with Frank Villans. Launched by choreographer Boris Charmatz for the Autumn Festival, the “La Ronde” project kicked off at 7:30 p.m. Almost post-contingency after the party!

The principle is simple: a continuous dance with twenty performers will one day exchange their partners. No useless time, the biting cold of space that will soon close for a long work. Before our eyes, moments of kindness follow each other like this “conversation” between musician Maderic Collignon and dancer Franకోois Chaignad. Belgian dance star Anne Teresa de Kirsmaker will also play together: she will perform a piece called “Piano Phase” taken from “Face”, one of the solo players of her company Soya Ratsifondrihana. Intricate smiles between the two women as the camera-robot spins around them. In fact this round, the show designed for the audience, this time took place behind closed doors, witnessed the epidemic responsibilities, with France TV cameras.

The result is enchanting, mixing styles, eras and textures

This extraordinary adventure is not without obstacles: repetitions in pain, antigenic tests for dancers before each work session. Needless to say at the last minute the anger: the Saldana / Villains duo needed to give up an essence from “Dirty Dancing”. The American production of this cult musical requires 60,000 euros for a single track! But the result makes mesmerizing, mixing styles, eras and textures. Florian Spire and Clement Deliax dancers from L’Osio-Mouche, a group of mentally handicapped actors, with dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet, Leticia Gallo and Axel Ibot. Then they dare the big gap by summary from another very classic “Don Quixote” and another by William Forsyth!

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Letizia Galoni and Axel Ibot from the Paris Opera Ballet. © Mark Domez / mrmngp

This three-hour ronde goes at full speed, alternating dots and adrenaline peaks. The joy of dancing is on everyone’s face, be it Salia Sanou or Rafael Delanoy. “La Ronde” pays a small tribute to Pina Bash and plays a few words from Arthur Schnitzler’s untitled book. Dance, at this point, is very much needed in the arts. The Grand Palace, used for channel parades or contemporary art festivals, is set to reopen in 2024 for the Olympic Games in Paris. Another round types. Not sure if she was that poetic.

“La Ronde” airs on March 12 in France 5

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