May 25, 2022

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UK Next G7 Summit June 11-13

UK Next G7 Summit June 11-13

(London) The United Kingdom plans to host the next G7 summit, which the British government announced on Saturday, southwest of England, from the start of the epidemic and from June 11 to 13 after Joe Biden took office.

France Media Agency

Downing Street said in a statement that the meeting of state heads of state will be held in Corbis Bay, a coastal town in Cornwall.

In addition to the G7 member states (United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Italy), the British Government has invited Australia, India and South Korea to participate in the talks.

Last year, a summit was to be held in America, but Donald Trump had to cancel it due to the new coronavirus epidemic.

The UK is currently experiencing a strong wave of pollution that has led to a new, more contagious variant of the virus and currently has, but hopes to lift sanctions in the spring through vaccination.

“The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) will hold this G7 summit face-to-face for almost two years, urging leaders to seize the opportunity to better rebuild (the world) after the coronavirus. Unity to make the future more beautiful, greener and more prosperous”, the press release explains.

2021 is a crucial year in the international arena for the United Kingdom, which, under the concept of “Global Britain”, wants to establish itself as an important power, after leaving the European Union.

In addition to the G7 Summit, London will chair the UN Security Council from February and will host COP26 in Glasgow in November.

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