December 4, 2022

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North Crown wants its REM

North Crown wants its REM

After the west and east of Montreal, the northern crown of the metropolis seeks and learns its own branch of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM) on the axis of Highway 640 The Press.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

The mayors of Greater Montreal will make the announcement on Monday in response to a strategic plan by the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM), which is responsible for coordinating public transportation in Greater Montreal.

A branch of the Electric Metro, which connects Oka to Terrebonne, the “foundation of the North Crown’s structured public transport network and [devrait] To connect the main poles of this development ”, a brief argument of the prefectures and elected officials of the Northern Crown. Tap Keep the hand. “The A-640 axis should play a dual role: to become the backbone of regional architecture and, at the same time, to ensure integration into the construction networks leading to Laval and Montreal Island.”

This project is part of a revision of the “right-way of the A-640”, which also refers to the document.

The first branch of the REM, the structure of which is well developed, flows west of Montreal, from Anse-el-Orm to downtown and from Dukes-Montagnes to Brosard, via Montreal Airport. Trudeau.

CDPQ Infra, a subsidiary of Kaisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, which is responsible for building REM, announced last December that it would develop a new branch of REM in East Montreal from the bottom up. At Les-Trembulls and at Segep Marie-Victorin.

Extract from the document obtained by the press

This diagram adorns the cover page of the Table of Prefects and the report of the elected officials of the Northern Crown – a document obtained by La Press – giving an idea of ​​the possible REM path for the Northern Crown.

“An area on its own”

This enormous network provokes jealousy.

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North Crown (TPECN)’s list of preferences and elected officials this Monday argues that successive governments have abandoned public transportation in its area, and that its residential and commercial development is accelerating.

The public transit network that was created in the past when people slept on the North Crown while working, studying and having fun in downtown Montreal is now obsolete.

Extract from the prefects of the northern crown and the report of the elected authorities

“The Northern Crown has become its own territory, with abundant and varied job offerings, pleasant living environment and development principles in line with the principles of sustainability,” it said briefly.

Car travel is still supreme in these municipalities. Even in areas designed around public transport (TOD areas), 90% of travel is by car. According to TPECN, the public transport network is characterized by vulnerability.

In recent weeks, without fan frenzy, almost all the municipal councils in the North Crown have been in the back row for TPECN demands.

The company issued summonses for a press conference to be held on Monday morning. BoiseBrind Mayor Marilyn Cordato and Terrebone Mayor Mark-Andre Plante will present TPECN’s requests. They “express the urgent need for the establishment of a structured network of public transport, in a special way”, which refers to the meeting. The company did not want to comment on the file before its press conference.