May 21, 2022

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Performance in a crowded club: Bow wow responds to criticism

Performance in a crowded club: Bow wow responds to criticism

Rapper Bow Wow has responded to criticism that a video of him playing at a busy club in Houston has surfaced on the Texas Internet, as the world continues to catch up with the coronavirus epidemic.

In the video, rap star Clay can be seen taking the stage to sing “Like You” without a mask in Houston, many of the spectators also removed the mask, although it was required to be worn according to the rules. Club available on the Internet.

The rapper responded to the controversy in a series of tweets (now deleted), explaining that he had followed the Kovid protocols until the start of his show.

“Guys, I played at parties last year, I wore my mask at the club, but I couldn’t play with this stuff. I promise to wear my mask at the club until the moment I approach the microphone. Very easy. And I always have gel on me, ”he wrote, being tested twice before the concert.

The musician noted that the rules vary from state to state. “Guys, Texas is open, Atlanta is open. If I live in a city that has been open since last spring, I can’t help it, ”he said.

“I agree,” he concluded in response to a fan who said, “This Kovid C * nanny is sick” and wants to get out of his house.

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