July 5, 2022

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Trump in Hollywood | The Journal of Montreal

Trump in Hollywood |  The Journal of Montreal

As Trump prepares to make his final lap at the White House, I present to you a series of pictures that will allow you to better understand the man and the movement he created.

Alien, De Ridley Scott (1979)

To ensure the survival of its species, an organism of unknown origin lays eggs in the human womb.

Like the creature in that cult movie, Trump needs a vehicle to spread his ideas and seize power. So he “conceived” the Republican Party.

Once ripe, the Trumpian creature blew up the political structure that served as its host to walk in the open space in the labyrinthine corridors of the White House, soaking up all who were there.

Exorcist, De William Friedkin (1973)

While filming in Georgetown, Washington’s affluent suburb, an actress from Caviar Left could not understand what was happening to her daughter. So far polite and reserved she now behaves vulgarly, rudely and vomits on everything her mother adores.

Worried, this lady goes to consult a doctor, a psychiatrist, and then a priest who says her daughter has an evil spirit.

Like the mother to this horror film, Democratic voters lived a very quiet life, away from working class cities severely damaged by globalization.

They overwhelm Bill and Hillary, read on Best sellers As Oprah advised them, they met with people from a better community – artists, journalists, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

Then their comfortable little world broke up and they were surprised to find that these remarkable and disconnected “sores” lived in another American.

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America is frustrated, angry and rebellious againstEstablishment.

So in order to cure their sick country, they called an old exorcist in his last miles: Joe Biden.

FallingJoel Schumacher (1993)

Bored to see the political correctness, the bureaucracy and all sorts of stupid little rules that limit his rights and freedoms (he can’t even order eggs from the diner after 11:30 in the morning), an average American goes to a crusade awkwardly and against everything his country thinks is bigger than before And prevents it from being powerful.

In doing so, he becomes a kind of hero of the abandoned system …

We can add two other similar images to this one: Network, Sidney Lumet (1976), on a brutal journalist, voices public outrage, and The Joker, Todd Phillips (2019), about a mental patient who practices popular rebellion for personal gain.

Finally, We for Vendetta, De James McTaig (2005)

Describing the adventures of a free vigilante fighting fascist rule in post-nuclear England, this cult film raises an existential question: Is it legal to help terrorism while we are fighting “on the right”?

The rebels who attacked the capital are thinking the same thing.

In their minds, they are doing the right thing to “save” their country …