June 26, 2022

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A woman suspected of stealing a Nancy Pelosi computer has surrendered to police

A woman suspected of stealing a Nancy Pelosi computer has surrendered to police

(Harrisburg) Federal authorities have arrested a woman suspected of stealing a laptop computer from the office of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi during Donald Trump supporters’ raid on Capitol Hill on January 6. .

Associated Press

Riley June Williams was arrested Monday in Pennsylvania, a Justice Department spokesman said. The federal prosecutor’s office in Harrisburg said she was due to appear in court Tuesday afternoon.

Local media reported that she submitted herself to the police station.

At present, the young woman has not been charged with theft, only to have entered the capital illegally and to have disrupted public order.

An unidentified witness in the indictment said the FBI interviewed Nancy Pelosi and saw other videos of Riley Williams holding a computer (or hard drive) in her office. According to the same witness cited in the indictment, the latter, who claims to be the young woman’s ex-partner, wanted to send the matter to an acquaintance in Russia so that he could sell it to an external goo intelligence intelligence service. Russian (SVR).

The operation eventually failed for unspecified reasons, and Riley Williams still owns or destroyed the computer.

Ms Pelosi’s chief of staff, Drew Hamil, confirmed on January 8 that the laptop had been stolen from a conference room, but that it was “a laptop used only for demonstrations.”

Williams’ mother, who lives in Harrisburg, told an ITV-News reporter that her daughter had recently shown interest in Donald Trump’s policies and “right-to-right chat.” The FBI says her father, who lives in Camp Hill, a suburb of Harrisburg, went to Washington with his daughter on the day of the protest, but they broke up. Day, joining later to return to Harrisburg.

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Riley Williams’ mother told city police her daughter packed her bags and left the house before being arrested, leaving her for two weeks. According to the FBI, she also changed her phone number and deleted several social media accounts.

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