May 25, 2022

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Against the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle tries to win without trial

Against the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle tries to win without trial

London | Lawyers for Meghan Markle, who is suing the Daily Mail tabloid publisher for invading privacy, appealed on Tuesday to succeed without going to trial.

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The 39-year-old American actress and Prince Harry’s wife has accused the Associated Newspapers – which publishes Mail Online, the Daily Mail and its Sunday version of Mail on Sunday – of attacking her privacy by publishing an abstract ‘handwritten letter to her father Thomas Markle in August 2018.

“This is a very simple case of illegal publication of a private letter,” his lawyer Justin Rushbrook told the High Court in London. He said the publication “clearly and seriously violated his right to privacy, and there were no viable arguments for defense” and asked for a verdict without going to trial. .

The long-awaited trial, Elizabeth II’s grandson promised to detail the life of the royal couple formed with the former actress, did not hide the feeling that the royal family had badly accepted. It sheds new light on their departure from royal duties to move to California.

Originally scheduled for this month, 2021 has been postponed at the request of the Duchess of Sussex. In addition to the “secret reason” given by Meghan Markle’s representatives, Judge Mark Warby, responsible for the case, indicated that the adjournment would be justified by a legal process.

The High Court on Tuesday began considering this request for a “summary judgment” (which, under Anglo-Saxon law, allows the case to be resolved without trial).

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The two-day trial is actually due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, which forced England to rebuild itself for a third time in early January.

The war on the media

Following the backlash against Meghan Markle, Justice authorized Mail on Sunday in September to return to her separation from the British monarchy in “Finding Freedom”, a recent biography of Meghan and Prince Harry. .

Lawyers for the Associated Press claim that Meghan “collaborated” with the authors of the book, which refers to the letter for the distribution they claimed, which she denies.

Prince Harry, 36, who is ranked sixth after the British crown, has repeatedly denied media pressure on his partner and said the main reason he announced his retirement from the royal family would take effect in January 2020 and early April.

The couple, based in California, are in an open war against the press.

Harry, whose mother Diana died after being photographed by paparazzi in Paris in 1997, has taken special legal action against another British tabloid, the Daily Mirror, over phone hacks allegations.

According to the British media, he is also suing the Associated Press for an article published in the Mail on Sunday, alleging that he had no connection with the Royal Marines since he was ousted from the monarchy and that he had no connection with the Royal Marines who forced him. To renounce his honorary military titles.

Since moving to California, Meghan Markle and her husband have signed several deals with content platforms, including the giant Netflix and audio platform Spotify.

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The Duchess picked up a pen in the New York Times in November to announce that she had a miscarriage last July.

The couple was criticized by critics for using their royal family membership and reputation, refusing to embrace the official and representative aspects of the function.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex put forward their desire to work for humanitarian causes, especially through a new foundation called the Archive, whose son was born in May 2019 inspired by Archie.