May 21, 2022

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Paris | Donald Trump scraped at the Grevin Museum

Paris |  Donald Trump scraped at the Grevin Museum

. AFP identified the journalist.

France Media Agency

Donald Trump’s wax doubling has been unbolted to join the reserves of the Parisian firm, a warehouse in a secret location in the Paris area, where there’s statues of a thousand historical figures or persons who are not dormant.

“We will keep the statue of Donald Trump for a while. We may have the opportunity to use it as a monster to celebrate Halloween! “The Greven Museum, which has been closed since October due to a health crisis, has been in a state of disarray,” AFP said.

Grevin was technically relieved to get out of the losing American president’s double: “This is hell! Every week, we had to get his nostrils back, because visitors took pictures of themselves by pointing their noses,” said one of the museum’s workshop members.

In the past, visitors have targeted several statues of politicians: in 1980, a secret nationalist intervention group kidnapped a fake copy of the French communist leader Georges Marquis, which was soon discovered at the zoo. In 1993, then-right leader (and future president) Jacques Chirac deserved the same treatment.

A few years ago, bikers angrily removed a statue of former President Valerie Giscard de Estaying. In June 2014, a Ukrainian woman activist repeatedly stabbed the double of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As soon as Joe Biden announced the victory, one of Grevin’s sculptors, Claus Welte, made a wax double of the new American president, which would be ready in two months.

“We hope to reopen it as soon as the sanitary conditions allow,” said the museum director, who has not closed it since it was formed in 1882.

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In general, the Parisian Museum welcomes 700,000 visitors each year.