May 19, 2022

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The MTQ crisis is raising concerns among opposition parties

The MTQ crisis is raising concerns among opposition parties

Many researchers fear the toxic atmosphere in the Ministry of Exit and Transport will lead to a resurgence of conspiracy and corruption in awarding contracts to opposition parties in Quebec.

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Our investigation office revealed yesterday that there were five researchers at the Ministry of Transport (MTQ) in Quebec in August 2018, but, since last year, only one active one remains. Officers also left the ship.

Harassment complaints have also been lodged with the Civil Service Commission due to the toxic weather.

Party Cubacois leader Paul St. Pierre Plamondon has called for a parliamentary commission to shed light on the revelation. “CAQ Contributes to the Decline of Anti-Corruption Mechanisms”.

Quebec Solidair believes the government should take strong measures to strengthen the investigative unit and improve the work environment. “The CAQ is perpetuating a culture of corruption and collusion that has earned a reputation in the liberal years,” said MP Ruba Ghazal.

Liberal Gauten Barrett believes the minister must take action to end the toxic atmosphere that prevails at MTQ.

“Abduction is not immune”

Minister Franకోois Bonnardell sought to reassure in an interview with LCN. He downplayed the impact of the dismissal by the investigating department.

“There are 19 people dedicated to investigations and audits. So 13 for audits, six for investigations […] The Autorite des March Public (AMP) has also been around for 3 years and it has to submit a report to us, ”the minister explained. “We’re not kidnapping, but our teams are doing their job.”

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However, of the six positions reserved for researchers, four are vacant and one has been in the staffing process for more than a year, according to our investigative office.

For the public service union, this situation also increases the risk of corruption in the MTQ.

“Site monitoring is mainly done by external agencies. All of these factors are conducive to aggregation and corruption,” said SFPQ General President Christian Dagel.

And for Ardre des Ingeniers du Quebec, this is in addition to the flaws that affect MTQ’s staff, which were documented by the Verificatris General du Quebec. “The situation is even more worrying because about 50 MTQ projects could benefit from acceleration measures,” said President Kathy Beg.