June 30, 2022

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Vaccinations are well underway on the north coast

La vaccination va bon train sur la Côte-Nord

Written by Julian-Pierre Desmoules-Para

Kot-Nord’s Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISS) held a press conference to update the situation on the ground.

While the news is positive, Dr. Richard Fachehoun, an expert in public health and preventive medicine, points out that the situation is fragile everywhere on the north coast and especially in the MRC of La Hot-Cote-Nord. There have been 18 new cases since last week.

According to Dr. Fachehoun, a total of 25 cases have been reported on the north coast since early January. A case took place in three different school settings, resulting in three groups being withdrawn. “The collaboration with the school community has been excellent. Families have received information and public health has brought the families of students alone,” Dr Fachehoun said, stressing that the situation is being closely monitored.

For his part, Claude Lowesque, interim president and CEO, announced the status of vaccinations in the region. “I have good news, the vaccination campaign is going well in this area,” Mr Lowesque said.

More than 2,646 doses of the vaccine were given, according to the CEO. “All of the CHSLD residents who accepted the vaccine received their first dose and more than 1,985 health workers were vaccinated,” he said.

Vaccination of residents and workers in private residences for the elderly (RPA) began in September-Else. In addition, residents of MRC de September-Rivieres aged 80 and over are invited to call 1 844 407-0967, who must register for the vaccination clinic next Thursday.

However, the delay in delivering the vaccine from Pfizer can be critical. “This situation will change our plan for the next few weeks, especially bye-come and September-El. We are ready to give all the doses we receive quickly,” Mr. Lowesque added.

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Zone change

The situation on the north coast is unique in the province. As cases are low and vaccinations are well underway, it is legitimate to wonder if it is appropriate to leave the area at the Red Zone alert level.

“A week before February 8, we will examine the epidemiological condition of the territory. Based on the epidemiological status and vaccination, we recommend to the Ministry of Health to find out whether to go back to the previous colors, ”said Mr. Lowesque.

For Dr. Fachehoun, “If the epidemiological condition is stable, if our vulnerable people have a good vaccine condition, then we can make recommendations to the government”.

The Reality of the Coat-Nord Seniors

Priscilla Malenfont, Program Director (SAPA) who supports the autonomy of the elderly, was also present to provide an update on the situation of the elderly in the area.

The reality is very different between seniors at home or those who live in RPA or CHSLD.

“The fact of being in detention or sometimes alone has led to a decline in the activity of the elderly and to de-conditioning,” Ms Malenfont emphasized.

She recalled the importance of being active for the elderly. “For a senior, being motionless for a few days or even a few weeks is very simply irreversible,” the SAPA director explained. “It’s so easy, a little fifteen minutes of light exercise makes all the difference.