May 23, 2022

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A tool has a prime

A tool has a prime

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has just made a strong gesture By showing the door to his deputy associated with conspiracy movements. He defined his political structure as the enemy of radicalism and drew a line in the sand.

Erin O’Toole proved that he made it for the chef. He is far from winning this election in which everything is in favor of Justin Trudeau, but he has proven that he has the backbone of a prime minister. Making decisions, making dissatisfaction when necessary, sorting out the batter and the wheat, expects this kind of strength and discernment from a leader.

MP Derek Sloan has been consistently uncomfortable in the Conservative Caucasus. On the epidemic, on moral questions, on identity issues, he is taking the Conservative Party to the excavated territory. His positions can be disturbing, even intimidating to voters, if Erin O’Toole wants Justin Trudeau to be ousted.

Trump is an example

Flirting with Trump fans or the right is a problem that has been hanging in the Conservatives’ backyard for months. The events at Capitol Hill in Washington showed the ultimate culmination of such an aversion policy.

These events provided the necessary impetus for Leader O’Toole to bring about a coup in his own party. People watch live in real time driven by Trumpism. They can see the damage done to democracy and society by such radicalization. Now it was time to draw the line.

Mr O’Toole’s decisions are making waves in the Conservative Party of Canada. MP Sloan won nearly 15% of the vote in the last leadership race. Many dogmatic religious conservatives are found in the traditional ranks.

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Torn membership cards go to the Conservative Party Secretariat. Internal barriers emerge in some constituencies. Members of Parliament lose their loyal donors.

Prepare for the future

It’s a necessary step if the Conservatives want to gain power. There is no situation to expect for this famous breakthrough in Quebec.

The magic idea is to bury the inconvenience in the hope that the matter will remain under the rug during the election period. Do you want an example? A man named Andrew Scheer left some ambiguity about abortion.

Not only did the question come back to haunt him during the election campaign, it hit like a boomerang on the forehead. The affair shattered his hopes of making a profit in Quebec and his position left everyone dissatisfied.

Moreover, beyond the ranks, Skier’s shrinkage has weakened his image as a leader and frightened the population about his true potential to occupy the PM’s chair. Erin O’Toole defined his party and he defined himself as a leader.