May 17, 2022

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Cloud gaming at your fingertips

NVIDIA Geforce Now : le cloud gaming à portée de main

Officially launched in April 2020 after many years of beta, Nvidia GeForce Now is available on a number of platforms: Chromebooks, Linux computers, MacOS and Windows, smartphones and tablets.

GeForce is now available to play CyberPunk 2077, even on smaller PCs

This service allows you to play the most recent and most in-demand video games on a wide range of devices, at home or on the go, using the controller. A laptop or ChromeOS running machine will also fit. The service is currently available in 70 countries, through 22 servers, in Paris.

Now to enjoy GeForce, all you have to do is Download the special app Available for Shield TV consoles from Android, macOS, Windows or NVIDIA. It is also available through Safari on the iPhone and iPad and through Google’s Chrome browser. To do this, go By the end of the year, an application will be available on most LG smart TVs.

It is possible to play your favorite games on an entry level computer or even an old PC that has recovered on this occasion, turning it into a real war machine for players who support the latest RTX and DLSS technologies. Nvidia especially recommends having at least 4GB of memory on the system.

GeForce Now provides cloud access to games you already have on a variety of platforms (Epic Games, Gog, Steam, etc.). To date, a large catalog of over 750 custom titles of all kinds is offered.

It continues to expand in relation to free-to-play, which is currently ranked 75th. Players can play games this way Fortnight, Destination 2, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Or Dota2. In January 2021 alone, the service did not add 23 new titles, most of which were popular In us. In fact, most ntic backgrounds are often available from the day of release Cyberpunk 2077.

Technical features and GeForce Now management

Nvidia GeForce Now Full HD 1080p and gives a smooth gaming experience at 60 frames per second. Video can be compressed in H.265 or H.264 depending on the hardware used. For the service to work properly and without control, as with all cloud gaming, good internet speeds are required.

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It is therefore recommended to have at least 15 Mb / s for display at 720p at 60 images per second, and at least 25 Mb / s at 60 images per second at 1080p. If you cannot connect via a traditional wired network, a 5 GHz router is required. Also verified for some GeForce Now.

This service is compatible with keyboards and mice, but Sony DualShock 4 or Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Also compatible with many classic controller models such as the S.

GeForce now

Since the beta was launched and since the official launch of the service, GeForce Now has come a long way in strengthening the user experience. Searching for the best server and launching games are much faster than starting. The stability of the connection and therefore the quality of the image that was capricious a few months ago has greatly improved.

Another recent addition that makes players’ lives much easier: Automatic memory of each login details Launcher (Steam, Epic Games Store, etc.). The ghost is in the details and Nvidia understands it well: for example the direct mouse input option is available. This greatly reduces the delay between movement and its consequences on the screen. An important parameter for Shooters And other FPS.

You must select your membership

There will be a choice between the players Two subscriptions To access NVIDIA GeForce Now, one of these is completely free. So you can enjoy it now Registration.

This offer allows up to one hour of gaming sessions. Access to servers is not a priority and requires waiting before playing. On the other hand, there are 75 free-to-play games available FortnightToday it is possible to play the latest games and in excellent conditions, without spending a penny.

  • Entrepreneur subscription
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Subscribers to the founders’ plan will benefit from preferential access to servers, including the instant start of games. They can enjoy sessions for up to six hours. Ray tracing can be activated on custom headers.

In fact, the founders’ subscription is 5.49 euros per month. From December 17, 2020 and in the wake of the excitement of the players Cyberpunk 2077, The subscription currently offers an offer limited to 27.45 euros including 6 months tax or 4.57 euros per month.

The subscription is unbound and can end at any time. It switches back to the free version.