June 26, 2022

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Controversy surrounding soul dubbing in Europe

Controversy surrounding soul dubbing in Europe

Movie dubbing Soul Creates vibes in Europe, with the main character – an African-American jazz musician – voiced by white comedians in Portugal and Denmark.

Pierre-Marc DurivagePierre-Marc Durivage

This case is particularly causing waves Soul (Soul In the translated version in Quebec) Pixar wrote the first film in which the main character was African-American. The Quebec version was dubbed by Foel Jean and the French version by Omar C. The original version was dubbed by Jamie Foxx.

In Portugal, a petition signed by more than 17,500 people since the film’s release in late December called for a new dubbing with the participation of people of color. In the words of the petition, signed by several people in the country, we call for “honoring the initial intent” Soul, “The first animated film with a black protagonist, Black Voice played. The words respect, representation and purpose are needed here ”.

In an article in the national newspaper, in Denmark Berlingske Published on December 31, two comedians, Melvin Kakuza and rapper Al Agami, are said to be actually in the Danish version Soul, Played by a white actor in the lead role. Asked by the newspaper, Asta Sekamane of the Afro-Danish Collective described the choice as a missed opportunity: “It’s always the same excuse, the idea that we can’t find people who live up to our standards, supported the activist. Being white has an invisible barrier that connects capacity. “

Comedian Nicholas Lycos commented on his Facebook page that “you should allow a man or woman who can do the best job to get a job”. “

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In an interview last weekend New York Times, Mira Skadegard, a researcher at the University of Alborg in northern Denmark, argues that there is still much work to be done in some European countries to address systemic racism. “In Denmark, we have a long history of rejecting racism, along with a deep attachment to the ideal of equality,” she told the American daily. We do not understand that this is a critique of our organizations and structures. We interpret this as a critique of our identity. “