May 21, 2022

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Curfew: Miller criticized Legalt’s refusal to grant exemptions to the homeless

Curfew: Miller criticized Legalt's refusal to grant exemptions to the homeless

Federal Home Affairs Minister Mark Miller believes the Quebec government of Franకోois Legalt should have granted an exemption to the homeless in the curfew application.

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“I would love to see more flexibility on behalf of the Quebec Premier. I will go straight to where Meyers took me. [de Montréal Valérie] Plant at this level ”, commented the elected representative of the Montreal constituency of Ville-Marie on Wednesday.

At a press conference in Ottawa, Minister Rafael Andre expressed his condolences to the relatives of the still-original traveler who died Sunday in a chemical toilet near the La Porte Overwort Shelter in the plateau borough. Mont-Royal in Montreal. The center where he often travels was closed and the man hid for fear of being arrested by police during the curfew.

Mr Andre could face a $ 5,550 fine for violating the curfew, but was also wanted under an arrest warrant for violating a promise he made to attend.

According to our evidence, Rafael Andre was arrested this fall in a case of death threats or bodily harm and did not appear in Montreal court for his appearance.

In the wake of Mr Andre’s death, Mayor Plante Legalt urged the government to exempt homeless people from the curfew.

The Quebec premiere refused to do so on Tuesday. “I have a lot of faith in our police officers. I think they will do an amazing job and they will not do this to give tickets to the homeless, ”he said.

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“If we put in the rules the fact that a homeless person cannot get a ticket, you have to understand that someone ‘I, I am homeless, so you have no right to give me a ticket. Violation”, he maintained.

Mr Miller also said the federal government should take some reason to “prevent this tragedy” if he was willing to grant the exemption he sought.

“There is a failure at all levels of government and we have to accept that we can do better. This is what we are providing to the province and the city,” he said.

– In collaboration with Maxim Deland, Agens QMI