April 2, 2023

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Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate

Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate

The two new Democratic senators were sworn in on Wednesday, giving control to their party’s upper house on the day of the inauguration, a meeting chaired by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the vice chair.

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With the victory over two Republicans, Georgia’s Joan Osaf and Rafael Warnock, the Democrats now have 50 seats against the Republicans.

But the constitution gives the vice president the power to decide the votes taiga.

Former California Senator Kamala Harris presided over the swearing in of two elected senators and was replaced by Alex Padilla.

The first woman vice president of the United States was praised for coming into her hemicycle. She smiled as she read the official session schedule for her: “To fill the vacancy left by the resignation of former California Senator Kamala D. Harris.”

“It’s so weird,” the 56-year-old former prosecutor joked, laughing.

The first Democrats to win these seats in twenty years in this traditional state were two senators from Georgia who made history in many other ways.

Rafael Warnock, 51, pastor of the former church of Martin Luther King in Atlanta, was the first black senator to be elected to Georgia.

Joan Ossaf was Georgia’s first Jewish senator, as well as 33 years old, the youngest Democratic senator to sit in the upper house … Joe Biden, in 1973.

“Think about how far you have come. At this historic moment your candidates are the young Jewish son of an immigrant and the black pastor holding the chair. ”

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